Item #: SCP-XXXX

Threat level: Orange

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is to remain contained inside of a smooth steel 4.5m x 4.5m x 2m cell located three floors underground at Site-19. 8 Incinerators will remain embedded along the walls and ceiling of containment. In the event that SCP-XXXX is observed attempting to absorb any solid matter, the incinerators must be activated immediately. At least two(2) security personnel, and one(1) research personnel must be on duty in SCP-XXXX's observation room at all times. Any interviews with SCP-XXXX are to be authorized by Class 4 personnel only, and must be monitored by a Class 3 personnel, who will remain only in SCP-XXXX's observation room, and listen to the interview for the entire duration of the interview.

Description: SCP-XXXX utilizes variable physical appearance, and therefore has no known natural biological structure. Besides altering physical appearance, SCP-XXXX is also able to change the materials it comprises of, so long as it has "absorbed" the amount of said material necessary for this transformation process. The absorption requires SCP-XXXX to press its own surface against that of another material, to which it will begin to slowly merge with the material, engulfing it completely. Objects too large for SCP-XXXX to completely engulf cannot be assimilated to SCP-XXXX. The duration necessary for a complete assimilation of an object is exponentially related to the mass of the object being consumed. The material being consumed also appears to have a dramatic impact on duration necessary, yet an exact graph has not yet been produced for any particular material as of yet. SCP-XXXX.

SCP-XXXX is sentient, and considerably intelligent. SCP-XXXX has refused to comply with taking standardized tests, including the IQ test, or the APT-36, and refused to provide reason for this behavior when interrogated. SCP-XXXX will often produce sensory organs, or internal organs such as a stomach, or lungs. These appear to work as expected, and are necessary to be existent for SCp-XXXX to utilize their function. SCP-XXXX appears to intentionally avoid creating nerve endings when humans are present, although SCP-XXXX is, indeed entirely capable of such a formation(see addendum SCP-XXXX-a). While unable to feel pain, SCP-XXXX will react to structural damage. If SCP-XXXX develops auditory or visual sensory organs, the organs can be physically damaged, and SCP-XXXX will make apparent efforts to avoid further damage.

SCP-XXXX was discovered at (((

SCP-XXXX s capable of speech in a currently unknown number of languages with varying fluency. Attempts to log the amount of languages SCP-XXXX is able to communicate in have resulted in noncompliance from SCP-XXXX, as well as verbal threats. SCP-XXXX becomes very agitated when questions regarding SCP-XXXX's intelligence are asked, and will never answer such questions. Therefore, questions regarding the vastness of SCP-XXXX's intelligence are prohibited, SCP-XXXX becomes hazardous when provoked.

SCP-XXXX will attempt to breach containment any time an opportunity is presented, often attempting to absorb materials brought into containment by janitorial staff to aid its escape. Objects such as keys, keycards, apparel, and ear rings have been assimilated by SCP-XXXX. Therefore, janitorial customs have been modified for SCP-XXXX(See Class 1 SCP-XXXX orientation, page 2, paragraph 3). Other episodes of SCP-XXXX attempting a containment breach were based on verbal manipulation rather than physical violence. SCP-XXXX will, seemingly at random, begin whispering, though no telepathic abilities appear to be exhibited by SCP-XXXX.

SCP-XXXX does not eat, drink, nor produce any known biological waste. However, SCP-XXXX will forcibly remove physical matter with its current appendages(such as fingers) should it need to lose mass for purposes such as passing small openings. Shedded material from SCP-XXXX displays no anomalous qualities, and will comprise of a mixture of all materials currently contained within SCP-XXXX. These appear to layer in a clever fashion, often SCP-XXXX will layer harder materials to the surface, with weaker material, such as low-viscosity liquid, layered beneath. This combination is similar to bullet resistant glass, primarily seen in military application.

SCP-XXXX will willingly use lethal means to attack any personnel who may be aiding in its containment. SCP-XXXX also appears to intelligently select its targets, seldom attacking unarmed personnel such as janitorial staff, researchers, or [DATA EXPUNGED], unless physically threatened. This has proven constant, even if the personnel remain in close proximity to SCP-XXXX, yet SCP-XXXX will refrain from speaking to personnel regardless of its affinity with the individual(s).

SCP-XXXX can use its abilities in adapting form to give itself multiple advantages that have proved extremely hazardous. These include: camouflage, scales, [REDACTED] appendages, and [REDACTED]. Alongside these enhancements, SCP-XXXX is inherently professional in hand-to-hand combat, as well as firearms marksmanship. SCP-XXXX will attempt disarm, evade, maim, incapacitate, or kill personnel who pose an immediate threat to itself. If left alone with a weapon, SCP-XXXX will often fidget, clean, or toy with the weapon until the possessed weapon is removed.

SCP-XXXX is considerably difficult to recontain, as the surface of SCP-XXXX can become hard to penetrate. However, SCP-XXXX is not impeneratable. While SCP-XXXX appears unable to die of physical trauma, SCP-XXXX can receive structural damage that may be difficult for SCP-XXXX to replace in combat, such as loss of appendages. Sustained, large-caliber gunfire targeted at joints, limbs, or sensory devices are recommended for re-containment of SCP-XXXX. Explosives may be used in the even that SCP-XXXX breaches heavy containment.