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SCP-4001 in countaiment

Item #: SCP-4001

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: For his hightly level of aggression, hes procedure should be followed carrefully. First trained and specialized team catches he and countwaint in the temporary countaiment, after that walls will be coated with smooth substance. After clean SCP will be able to exit the temporary countaiment.

Description: SCP-4001 called "The Madjija" is black skinny figure which are walk on two and four legs. He is very resourcefully to camuflage, hide and to hunt and they are very fast walker on the walls. Hes is invisible when is alone in the contaiment. He make noises likes lound screams. His favourite food is currenlty unknown. They are very agressive when someone comes to his terretory.

His aggression is on subject legs, when he attack someone, he first break the subjects bones in legs to avoid the subject escape, and they will going around him watching. When subject make any move SCP-4001 attacking his head and break his skull and hurt brain. He hurt the back of the brain where is heart working, breathing center. Then subject will get heart attack and SCP will left the body.

He is located in Sector O5 with very hightly securty. They first was been located in O4 but for risk if he escape, he is moved to Sector O5. His countaiment is dark, wet place with very smooth walls.

His skin is very heavy, his hands and feets is white-grey colors which looks like of the human. His face is white with two eyes, nose and

SCP-4001 Aggression Scream