Item #: The Steps
Object Class:Keter
Special Containment Procedures:SCP 3920 its self is classified as safe and can be contained and copied at any containment site. Any instances of SCP 3920-2 on are to be contained at site 39-2J or destroyed according to SCP 3920/3920-1 instruction. SCP 3920-1 is to be granted a copy of SCP 3920 and allowed to roam site 39-2j freely and may be granted leave to vist other containment sites if approved by 05[REDACTED].
Description:SCP 3920 is a small hand written book bound in leather, there is nothing anomalous about it, how it cam into the world and what it describes inside it are however. During the cold war, 16 civilian scientists where tasked by the SCP foundation, uder the guise of the US hoverment, to create a devicethat allows the user to see into the future, to help ease tensions about nuclear winters for C-class and above as well as to help with future SCP predictions. They accidently ended up ripping a whole in the fabric of time its self the first time 10■■b, the device, was used. 10■■b sucessfully created a window into the future for approximently 13 minutes before something whent wrong pulling the view from the estimated 1958, to a far distant year of 3920. Thats when the scientist reliesed they didnt create a looking glass they created a porthole, but before it could be shut off a robotic huminoid carring the marks DX-0■■ on its upper [Expunged] fell through smashing 10■■b to pieces.
Clutched in what would latter be known as SCP 3920-1's hands was SCP 3920 a book filled to the brim with detailed observations of fauna, flora, and historical events set hundreds of years in the future.
Addendum A: after 13 years of imprisonment SCP 3920-1 was elivated from a euclid to safe then again from safe to c-class restricted personnel.
Addendum B: SCP 3920-1 is not allowed to be near any SCP that can posses technology , assimalate it or anything of the sort. Not from fear but from redundent failures to exterminate SCP 3920-1 durring its time as a euclid SCP.

Interviewed:SCP 3920-1
**Foreword:A very calm and civil conversation all the way through with nothing seemingly out of the ordinary. SCP 3920-1's robotic voice sounds almost human except right before the log ends when it gets excited.
Begin Log, ■■/20/■■ ■■:25
Interviewer: "good morning SCP 3920,how are we today?"
SCP 3920:"Hello Dr.B■■■■■, im recovering from that creature still, i thought it would at least reviel a little more about itself to me before it had to be annihilated, could you put in a request for some depleted uranium cores for me?"
Interviewer: " Thats good to here, and i'll see what i can do. Its still alive by the way"
SCP 3920-1:"Thats unfortunate, and what of the lizards….friend, the A.I. does it still process?"
Interviewer: He quickly jots down some notes "yes SCP 079 is still functional"
SCP 3920-1: showing very rare aggresion "IT MUST BE [EXPUNGED] IT WILL BRING ABOUT MY ■■■■■■■■ YOU WILL ALL DIE"
the interviewer quickly cuts the interview after SCP3920-1 calms down.
End Log