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Threat Level: Blue

Special containment procedures: One or multiple SCP-4764 can be contained in

If SCP-4764 brakes containment, mobile riot team will be send to SCP-4764 current location.

if SCP-4764 has been paired, SCP-4764 will be classified as a Euclid, and has access to roam around the facility.

Note: //

Description: SCP-4764 Are species of highly aggressive,large reptilian with multiple tails. Are a group humanoid female but with scales and multiple tails and have two variations.

Normal variation stand on average 5 feet tall and weight 145 ibs, are solid navy with black hair (9 inches in length). This variation of SCP-4764 possesses around 12 tails that are 8 feet in length feet.

Alpha variation is 7 feet tall and weight 190 ibs, are white and black in color, with long hair (18 inches in length) and have sort red quills on the back neck area that can be uses as close range projectiles and have soft short feathers on the back shoulder. The alpha of have 18 tails and are 16 feet in length with one having

the edge of the tails are sharp enough to cut trough most materials

SCP-4764 scales have extreme tolerances to damage and extreme temperatures and possesses multi-spectral camouflage which make them Invisible to the fallowing:

  • Cameras
  • Electronic signals
  • Infrared
  • Night vision
  • photos
  • Radar
  • Radio
  • Thermals
  • Ultraviolet lights

This effect is minimized when exposed only to camera lens made from SCP-4764 scales and hyper spectral filters. SCP-4764 is capability of running and swimming at 140 mph and can swim at depth of 35,000 feet and can Survive in Extreme Conditions, temperatures over and under 82,000 degrees.

After the event of SCP-4764 changing into [REDACTED], they have lowed there temperament to that of honey badger.

When SCP-4764 has found a suitable mate, SCP-4764 will forcefully attempt sexual contact with a ordinary human male that are 20-30 years old. When SCP-4764 has found her mate she will have a monogamous relationship (Only having one mate in there life) for the rest of there life, there is a rare chances that multiple SCP-4764 will form this relationship with a single person for the rest of there life. The foundation is still trying to find out what Try to find out the selection process for SCP-4764 mate.

Addendum:4764-A: Discovery

First location: Discovery in 02/12/19, was discoverer underground the temple Athena. SCP-4674 was found hanging upside down hibernating in a underground cave system and was send to foundation, 4 in total with no incident.

Second location: Discovered in 06/22/19, the pyramid of Giza an under ground labyrinth was found a total of 25 SCP-4764's was found, MTF Zeta-9 was mobilized to location, life treating injures were treated, no casualties.

Third location: Discovered on 08/21/19, destroyed unground facility at Chichen Itza, several foundation member and multiple civilian were kidnapped by the chaos insurgency and only 2 foundation members and 1 civilian ones found alive, being held captive by SCP-4764, 3 were found in the ruins, With no incidents. Civilian was taken into foundation custody.

Forth location: Dicovered on 08/29/19,


list of test using SCP-4764:

Test num: 1
Subject: D-4764-01

Test num: 1
Subject: D-8474

Test num: 1
Subject: D-9952-O, a 28 year old male convicted of 19 murders and 10 assaults

Procedure: Subject was given a chose of firearm and was told to kill Dr. core, was in bullet proof
Results: When subject picked up a .44 magnum, SCP-4764-9 turned vain and joints turn bright glowing red and was flashing and broken containment and was moving to Dr.core location at. When the subject fired, SCP-4764-9 blocked the armor piercing round with her wrist. Subject fired 4 times at SCP-4764, all 4 rounds where cut out of the air by SCP-4764 tail. SCP-4764-9 moved in to kill the subject and wrapped the subject the arms, legs and neck and began crushing the subject bones immediately. SCP-4764 begin to tear out the subject lower organs with her hand and tear off the subject arms and legs with her tail. SCP-4764 snapped the subject neck with her tail, After word SCP-4764-20

Conclusion: When SCP-4764 mate is in danger or in distress, SCP-4764 physicals performances becomes 150 times stronger




Operation Golden Predator

(pack leader) SCP-4764-3 Lizzy


  • Duration of Deployment: 2200 hours through 2330 hours. (1 hour 30 minuets)
  • Location: Foundation storage facility Area-77
  • Date:12/30/2019
  • Mission Directives: Retake foundation storage facility, leave no enemy survivor's
  • Mission Result: Successful


NOTE: 03/09/2020 The population of SCP-4764 is know