Flowers for my eyes

Item#: SCP-4500
Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4500 is to be contained in a 5 by 5 by 5 meter (410.104987 ft.) titanium box with no signs of organic matter in its cell, any signs of organic matter in SCP-4500's cell must be removed and terminated.

If any living organism is not removed from SCP-4500's cell, SCP-4500 will proceed to gorge out the eyes of the organism and will plant them, to create copies of itself.
Any copy of SCP-4500 spotted must be terminated immediately.
SCP-4500 is able to control any form of plant life from a diameter of 9 meters telepathically.
If SCP-4500 is to escaped, 2 pounds of "all purpose" fertilizer must be placed in a line to SCP-4500's cell, all personal must not interfere with the line of fertilizer.
After SCP-4500 enters its cell, the cell will be locked and secured.

Description: SCP-4500 is an 11ft tall [Pyracantha] with three appendages and four talon-like claws on each limb, with an eye which is 9in. wide.SCP-4500 seems to be able to communicate with other plants, however SCP-4500 is capable of speaking to humans even though no mouth seems to be shown during its "talks".
If given "all purpose" fertilizer, SCP-4500 will be in a neutral state for 5hrs.
After those 5hrs, SCP-4500 will become enraged and will proceed to control any form of plant-life from it's cell.
If SCP-4500 ever gets intact will soil or mulch, SCP-4500 will "plant" itself and will gain full control of other plant life, if this were to happen, SCP-4500 must be pulled out before it roots into the ground.

Addendum: Due to the fact that SCP-4500 can telepathically control plants with in a diameter of 9 meters, any signs of plant life within the 9 meters must be moved away from SCP-4500s cell, unless a Level 4 personnel or higher allows testing on SCP-4500.