MisterPBJ- Bags of Bands
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SCP-???? in standard, unnamed packaging. Characterizing features redacted.

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-???? is to be contained in on site storage. Personnel are allowed access to items of SCP-???? with permission of a Level 2 Researcher or above.
Public containment includes regular checking of Arts & Crafts for producers labeled. Shipments are to be detained, interrogated on where they were produced, then transported to on site storage. 5kg of SCP-???? bands (or 20 bags,) are to be kept at all times. Excess can be incinerated.

Description: SCP-???? is a product from a possibly new Group of Interest/brand, going by the counter name of Touff Stuff. Each individual band is packaged into bags of 200 units. Packaging is mundane. Coloration1and other observational features are ordinary.

SCP-???? came to foundation attention when a small group of 4 college students, campus █████, were found creating abnormally powerful makeshift catapults. Foundation was alerted when school security confiscated the finished items. A hidden operative tested each item they were made up of, and upon stretching an SCP-???? band .8 meters, made contact to foundation personnel. Before arrival, the operative questioned the students, who simply stated purchasing the rubber bands from a General Dollar convenience store.

The primary anomalous feature of interest, exists in the seemingly limitless elastic potential energy.2 This is resulting from the great durability to each band. Specimens receive no damage from what happens due to its stretching, though damage received not attributed to elongating will happen as would normally. No yield strength yet determined: always returns to original shape. Highest length stretched on record is ██Kilometers, with test #3█.

Addendum: As of 3/2█/200█, testing has been approved. Experiment creativity is encouraged. Tests are designed with the purpose of discovering its makeup, and possible foundation uses.
Any Researcher is welcome to add more tests.