Capri-sun Nightmare's gallery of oddities

SCP-5148 "Mitostraw"

Item #: SCP-5148

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures:

SCP-5148 is to be kept in an airtight enclosure and supplied with carbon dioxide at all times, only cut off to replace tanks. Before cutting off CO2 transfer SCP-5148 into a glass of orange juice to slow its cognitive functions. Once properly retarded, switch CO2 tanks as fast as possible. There are to be at least 4 guards present at all times to monitor CO2 levels and replace tanks.


SCP-5148 is a straw in an 80 count case of "Scoopy's Tuff Tip" flexible straws manufactured in 1983 that when not exposed to carbon dioxide multiplies exponentially.


SCP-5148 was the last case made and shipped out by the company before its factory was burnt down in a terrible accident when a new employee decided to ignore the no smoking and flammable gas signs posted around the factory. His lighter ignited the methane fumes in the factory and that marked the end of the company.

The original owner of the straws, █████ ██████, stated that he left a straw in his orange juice for a minute and when he came back there were 16 straws in his glass. SCP-5148 is known to double in number every 15 seconds if not surrounded by carbon dioxide but has been found to slow down to a rate of every 3 minutes if placed in carbonated liquids.

SCP-5148 is known to become hostile if not constantly supplied with carbon-dioxide and will emit a high pitched whistling noise that inexplicably mutates skin cells into a cancerous form that will continue to grow unless cut off and coated with citric acid on the wound. If the procedure is not started within 10 minutes of the attack, the subject will grow 2-5 inch tumors all over their skin that will burst and leak a black tar-like substance that when exposed to regular air forms into more instances of SCP-5148. Citric acid is the only currently known cure to the cancerous symptoms.

If SCP-5148 is attempted to be harmed, the subject attacking will immediately combust and turn to ash. No matter what kind of protection is worn, any threat to SCP-5148 is incinerated, including non-organic matter. It is important to note that someone can only harm SCP-5148 by blunt force or incisions. SCP-5148 cannot feel heat and remains sentient when melted.

SCP-5148 is composed of a currently unknown element that is most chemically similar to silicon carbide. When burned it turns into a pitch-black glassy substance (SCP-4862-1)


that lets off a gas that when inhaled takes the subject into a neurotic frenzy. When these affected subjects are confronted they are aggressive towards other personnel and speak in an unintelligible language. They will continue to harm other personnel until taken out of the gassed room or exposed to clean air.

Once no longer under the control of the toxic gas, subjects describe a burning factory with the flames quickly closing in on them. They said they felt horrible feelings of dread and anxiety. When asked what they last saw before pulled out of the trance, subjects drew a humanoid being with abyssal black feathered wings, and a melted distorted face. When subjects were told to try and reconstruct what they thought the original face might look like they drew what appeared to be a baby mask with shiny black eyes.

This figure has been seen by survivors of factory accidents around the world and is named the Uh-Oh. Survivors of these disasters blame the Uh-Oh for the disaster, not the workers who made the fatal mistakes. The Uh-Oh is said to possess the workers and force them to sabotage the factory. It is illogical that the worker would have intentionally ignored the flammable gas sign unless he was under the control of someone or something, likely the Uh-Oh. The very few survivors who made the mistakes remember nothing happening out of the ordinary until the catastrophe and forgot their actions that caused it. SCP-5148-1 seems to be affiliated with the Uh-Oh but the relationship between them is unknown. SCP-5148-1 has been found at the site of every Uh-Oh attack.

It is highly plausible the Uh-Oh is the creator of SCP-5148 and for that reason is labeled as
SCP-5148-0 since it was the origin of these anomalies and manifested them into existence. It is believed the Uh-Oh is an agent of destruction sent to terminate industrialization and put nature into "balance". The SCP Foundation has been tracking the Uh-Oh for years now and it has always been one step ahead of the Foundation, classifying it as Apollyon

SCP-5148 comes in many different forms (We have captured 38 so far) but this is the most serious and lethal form. All forms of SCP-5148 double over time if exposed to regular air but the lesser forms split less frequently and are little of a threat and therefore considered Safe and contained separately from the main form.

If these lesser forms were to come in contact with each other, they might pose a much greater threat, as they are created from the same substance (SCP-5148-1) and it seems the higher concentration of it the more deadly the instances of SCP-5148 become. If these lesser forms combine it would pose a threat to life on earth and would rise to a Keter level threat

All attempts to communicate with SCP-5148 have been unsuccessful and almost always lead to attacks on personnel. SCP-5148 has control over where it duplicates when not under the influence of
citric acid. Citric acid has been discovered to work as a sort of drug that slows its duplication and forces SCP-5148 into a docile, peaceful state.