SCP-2973-1 displayed on SCP-2973's screen taken through a non-digital camera to prevent infection via SCP-2973-1.

项目编号: SCP-2973

项目等级: Euclid

特殊收容措施: While not being tested SCP-2973 is to remain in a locked plastic case in Storage Site-12. Televisions, smart phones, or any other device that has a display screen should remain outside of SCP-2973 10 meter transfer radius.

In the event that security around SCP-2973 is compromised, on-site personnel must power down the affected devices. In the event that SCP-2973 has rendered this impossible, physical destruction is permitted.

Testing of SCP-2973 and SCP-2973-1 requires the approval of level-2 administrative personnel.

描述: SCP-2973 is an object identical to a Tamagotchi brand virtual pet toy, discovered in an elementary school in Albany, New York. The device was located when local reports were cross referenced regarding a computer virus plaguing the school. All televisions, computers, and phones in the school were rendered inoperable due to irreparable screen malfunctions at the time of its recovery.

The anomalous properties of SCP-2973 manifest when the device is turned on. When activated, SCP-2973 will display a blank screen with a pixel depiction of a tombstone in the center of the screen from which a new pixel sprite will emerge. This new sprite appears visually identical to typical Tamagotchi sprites with the exception of X symbols where eye sprites would typically be. The user of SCP-2973 cannot interact with this sprite in any way attributed to traditional use of a Tamagotchi toy. This character is referred to as SCP-2973-1.

SCP-2973-1 can exit the boundaries of SCP-2973's screen to appear on another electronic display. While inside of a display screen SCP-2973-1 is capable of interacting with file thumbnails as if they were physical objects, but cannot access the program functions of the files themselves. SCP-2973-1 will often consume these thumbnails, and in turn destroy the files, while it is present on a display outside of SCP-2973. It will then produce waste pixels in a fashion typical of a Tamagotchi pet after feeding. Devices containing waste pixels from SCP-2973-1 exude an odor typical of animal feces.

While SCP-2973-1 is inside of a device aside from SCP-2973, the user can interact with it through the device's main interface1. SCP-2973-1 can then be picked up and manipulated in this manner.

SCP-2973-1 will avoid directly interacting with the user at all times and will instead attempt to consume files the user deems important as dictated by how often the user accesses the file.

附录A: Testing event 2973-58. Presiding researcher Dr. Hollands. Transcript. 测试事件2973-58,由首席研究员Dr. Hollands进行,以下为文字记录。

22:00 SCP-2973 is placed next to a mundane Tamagotchi virtual pet that has been activated five minutes prior to the testing (the subject). SCP-2973被放置在一个无异常的拓麻歌子虚拟宠物的旁边,该(受试对象所在的)设备在实验前五分钟被激活。

22:15 SCP-2973-1 turns to the subject. SCP-2973-1转向该受试对象。

22:30 The subject begins buzzing3 although it has already been fed. After executing a discipline function on the subject, it continues to buzz. 受试对象开始发出嗡嗡声4,尽管已被喂食。在进行了一个“教育5”的操作后,它依然发出嗡嗡声。

22:31 SCP-2973-1 approaches the subject's device. SCP-2973-1接近受试对象所在的设备。

22:31 SCP-2973-1 enters the subject's screen. SCP-2973-1进入设备的屏幕。

22:35 The subject's device emits a continuous buzzing. The subject disappears into the right side of the screen, and is followed by SCP-2973-1. SCP-2973-1 continues chasing the subject in a scrolling parallax. 受试对象发出持续的嗡嗡声。受试对象被SCP-2973-1追赶,消失在了屏幕右侧。此后SCP-2973-1在一个视差滚动的效果中持续追逐着受试对象。

22:36 The subjects are not depicted on the screen. The buzzing becomes erratic, and then stops. 受试对象不再出现于屏幕上,嗡嗡声变得不稳定,随后停止。

22:50 SCP-2973, 2973-1, and the testing subject remain inactive for an extended period.

23:32 SCP-2973-1 reemerges from the side of the screen followed by a new instance of SCP-2973-1. The new instance of SCP-2973-1 displays visual similarities to the Tamagotchi pixel sprite from the subject's display screen.

Addendum B: Testing event 2973-59. Presiding researcher Breen. Transcript.

In this test, SCP-2973 was placed beside a powered-off television to view the effects it has on such display screens. The test was conducted in an isolated chamber using robotic manipulation.

12:20 SCP-2973 is placed next to the powered-off television.

12:22 SCP-2973-1 moves to the top of its screen and then then vanishes.

14:23 SCP-2973-1 cannot be located for two hours. The television is powered on and SCP-2973-1 is not present inside of it.

14:23 SCP-2973-1 unexpectedly appears on the security monitor of the surveillance booth, and approaches the robot on the surveillance screen. SCP-2973-1 is not visible in the testing chamber proper.

14:24 SCP-2973-1 approaches the robot and begins consuming it. Loud metallic crashing and grinding can be heard within the testing chamber, although SCP-2973-1 is not visible and the physical robot shows no signs of damage.

14:40 SCP-2973-1 remains on-screen for fifteen minutes before producing a waste pixel sprite. Personnel present in the surveillance booth report an overpowering scent typical of animal feces. SCP-2973-1 then moves toward the security door and begins headbutting it. Loud crashing can be heard within the room.

14:42 Security vacates the security surveillance booth and seals the testing chamber behind an emergency containment door as of Protocol 12-176. Power to the surveillance booth is switched off.

14:45 Cameras and monitors are reactivated.

14:46 SCP-2973-1 is no longer present on the security monitor and has reappeared on SCP-2973. The manipulation robot emits a vibrating noise for one hour afterward, and smells strongly of copper, although it shows no signs of damage. Containment procedures have been updated.


Figure 1: A photograph of SCP-3864 taken upon recovery. Taken 5 minutes prior to Figure 2.

项目编号: SCP-3864

项目等级: Safe

特殊收容措施: SCP-3864 is to be hung on a wall in a standard containment chamber. Outside of scheduled tests, SCP-3864 is to be covered with a thick black cloth at all times. Should SCP-3864 grow too large to be completely covered by this cloth, D-Class personnel are to be dispatched immediately with an appropriately sized replacement.

SCP-3864's containment chamber is to be kept well-lit and monitored via an infrared camera to ensure that it remains completely covered at all times. A decibel meter is to be placed no less than 15 cm from SCP-3864’s surface. Any changes should be reported to the researcher in charge, which is currently Dr. Taylor Itkin at the time of this writing.
SCP-3864的收容室应始终保持良好的照明,并通过红外相机监控以保证项目始终被完全遮盖。一个分贝计应被放置于距项目表面不小于15cm的位置。任何变化都应报告给负责该项目的研究员,在撰写本文时负责人为Dr. Taylor Itkin

Entry into SCP-3864's containment chamber requires Level-3 clearance. All personnel are required to wear infrared goggles while in SCP-3864’s containment chamber.

描述: SCP-3864 is an oil painting of an individual. The subject, coloration, and size are all subject to change. The only constants in the appearance of SCP-3864 are that the individual in the portrait is always a human, and testing shows the paint to always be oil based. At no point has more than one subject been witnessed inside of SCP-3864.

SCP-3864 gives off a heat signature of 37° Celsius, similar to that of the average human body temperature. This heat signature is not centered on a certain portion of the painting (such as the individual inside), but rather is given off by the painting in its entirety. SCP-3864 is safe to view through infrared goggles or filters.


Figure 2: A photograph of SCP-3864 taken upon recovery, 5 minutes after Figure 1. Photographer later appeared inside SCP-3864. Further photography prohibited.

When a subject (henceforth referred to as SCP-3864-1) views SCP-3864 directly, within 15 minutes SCP-3864-1 will begin to gradually lose all pigmentation and most body heat. At this time, the likeness of SCP-3864-1 will begin to appear in SCP-3864. SCP-3864-1 will not be bothered by these processes. Within 30 minutes, SCP-3864-1 will become completely void of all pigmentation and have an average body temperature of 10° Celsius, as well as SCP-3864 showing a full likeness of SCP-3864-1. SCP-3864-1 will then die of severe dehydration and hypothermia. There is no recorded method of halting or slowing these processes.当一名人类对象(以下称之为SCP-3864-1)直接观察SCP-3864时,SCP-3864-1将会在十五分钟内逐渐失去所有的色素与自身散发的热量。这时SCP-3864-1的样貌将会开始出现在SCP-3864内。SCP-3864-1不会因这一过程而感到不适。在三十分钟内,SCP-3864-1将会完全失去自身的色素,同时平均体温降至10℃;与此同时,SCP-3864-1的样貌将会完全的出现在SCP-3864中。SCP-3864-1随即将会死于严重脱水与体温过低。现在没有阻止或减缓这一过程的方法。

Although the body of SCP-3864-1 will become inanimate and resemble a corpse, the consciousness of SCP-3864-1 is thought to be transferred into SCP-3864. This is evidenced by the likeness of SCP-3864-1 inside of SCP-3864 to be able to change poses and “move” – though no record shows the likeness of SCP-3864-1 to be moving while being observed – in ways that sometimes appear to be attempts at communication or escape from SCP-3864.尽管SCP-3864-1的身体会变为类似尸体的毫无生命状态,但据信SCP-3846-1的意识被转移到了SCP-3864中。证据是SCP-3864中的SCP-3864-1的形象会改变姿势并移动,有时候做出一些似乎是在尝试与外界沟通或是从SCP-3864中逃离的举动——尽管目前没有SCP-3864-1的形象在被观察的情况下移动的记录。

Likenesses of SCP-3864-1 inside of SCP-3864 also appear to be capable of verbal communication. It is unclear whether this is SCP-3864-1 communicating or simply an imitation by SCP-3864.
Attempts at communication are currently underway. SCP-3864中的SCP-3864-1的形象看起来似乎能够进行口头交流。目前不确定究竟是SCP-3864-1在交流,还是这仅仅是SCP-3864的模仿。目前正在尝试进行沟通。

附录: SCP-3864 was recovered on 5/18 by MTF Eta-10 from [REDACTED], Virginia. The Foundation became aware of SCP-3864’s existence when Foundation staff planted in local police units were notified of multiple missing persons reports supposedly linked to viewing a painting. Upon securing SCP-3864, members of MTF Eta-10 were able to confirm with neighboring residents that SCP-3864-1 was in fact the man who owned the house SCP-3864 was recovered from. All those who confirmed this later appeared in SCP-3864, having viewed it directly. A Class-C amnestic was administered to all neighboring residents to cover the disappearances. SCP-3864在5/18被MTF Eta-10回收于[已编辑],弗吉尼亚州。基金会因安插于当地警察中的特工接收到了多份与观看衣服画有关的失踪案的报告而注意到了SCP-3864的存在。收容SCP-3864后,MTF Eta-10的成员通过附近的居民得以确认SCP-3864-1实际上是SCP-3864所在的房子的主人。所有证实这一点的人随后便出现在SCP-3864中,因为他们直接目视了项目。为掩盖失踪事件,附近的居民均接受了一次C级记忆删除。


SCP-2304的地上部分 。

项目编号: SCP-2304

项目等级: Euclid Safe Our Home, only home, nest, for them to grow.我们的家,唯一的家,巢,为它们生长。

特殊收容措施: SCP-2304 is unable to be moved from its current location, and therefore is contained on-site. SCP-2304-1, -2, and -3 are to be monitored at all times by a team of 3 security personnel, rotated every 12 hours. SCP-2304-4 is to be housed in a medium dwelling located in the cranial section of SCP-2304, and is allowed the use of anti-depression medication.

A bottle of pre-approved alcohol is to be provided through anonymous means to SCP-2304-4 on a monthly basis. Under no circumstances are personnel to reveal the origin of these items to SCP-2304-4.

描述: SCP-2304 is a humanoid structure partially buried underground, located in ████████, Norway. SCP-2304's entrance is the only part of the structure that remains above ground. The entrance resembles a dilapidated silo, covered in graffiti styled to give the appearance of a facial profile. The door to the interior is made of metal, and has a peephole and knocker installed. Looking through the peephole will reveal the landscape behind the structure, even when the door is ajar. It isn't real, the inside, it never was.

The interior consists of disparate and haphazard architectural features, and is much larger than the exterior would suggest.


View of SCP-2304's interior from entrance.从入口处看到的SCP-2304的内部

Taking the stairwell appearing to lead upwards results in the subject descending approximately 10 meters before reaching a junction of several hallways, branching off in horizontal, diagonal, and vertical directions. The corridors of SCP-2304 are comprised of metallic paneling, with occasional steam vents. Hallways and junctions have shown to exhibit similar properties to the sets of stairs, and contain a localized gravity field.

The sound of a faint heartbeat is audible throughout SCP-2304 at a rate of 96 bpm. The source is as of yet unknown.


The hallway leading to SCP-2304-1 通往SCP-2304-1的走廊

SCP-2304-1 is a small chamber in the chest region of SCP-2304. External mapping reveals that the room is similar in structure to the breast of a human female. A single vent is present on the ceiling of SCP-2304-1, which constantly seeps liquid mercury. The sound of a music box is occasionally heard from SCP-2304-1. Instances of SCP-2304-3 have been known to gather around SCP-2304-1 in order to feed.

SCP-2304-2 is a large area located at a depth of about 90 m. The entry halls nearing SCP-2304-2 are noticeably more sporadic8 in shape, and have been recorded shifting and turning. SCP-2304-2 resembles the reproductive organs of an adult human female, with structural components resembling the cervix, uterus, and fallopian tubes present. A mass of electrical cables and biological flesh is present at the ceiling of SCP-2304-2, and a large glass pipe leads down from it to SCP-2304-3. Unintelligible grunts and groans are audible throughout SCP-2304-2.
SCP-2304-2是一片位于地下约90m的巨大区域。 SCP-2304-2附近的门厅在形状上更为难以预测9,并且曾被记录到移动位置或转变方向。SCP-2304-2的形状类似于成年女性的生殖器官,拥有近似于宫颈,子宫与输卵管的结构。SCP-2304-2的天花板上有大量的电缆与生物组织块,并有一个巨大的玻璃管从此处通向SCP-2304-3。在整个SCP-2304-2区域中都能听到无法理解的咕哝声与呻吟声。

SCP-2304-3 are various different creatures manufactured by SCP-2304-2, often taking the form of common household objects10. SCP-2304-3 are comprised of various metallic substances, and lack any internal organs. Specimens will feed using a small suction tube present on their "mouth". SCP-2304-3 show no signs of sapience, and will produce incoherent crying similar to that of a small child. Specimens are formed within SCP-2304-2 and will patrol the lower portions of SCP-2304 for intruders.


A malformed instance of SCP-2304-3 SCP-2304-3的一个有缺陷的实例

SCP-2304-4 is a humanoid male, composed entirely of a silicon-mercury composite. SCP-2304-4 is conversational when prompted, but prefers to be allowed to study alone. SCP-2304-4's technological knowledge is vastly different to current human technology, with highly developed knowledge of several fields of currently unproven science.

附录1: An unmanned rover was tasked with mapping out SCP-2304, and catalogued SCP-2304-1, SCP-2304-2, and documented 43 instances of SCP-2304-3. Camera surveillance was set up throughout SCP-2304. Surveillance caught video of SCP-2304-4 holding the rover, taking it to the dwelling SCP-2304-4 resides in. SCP-2304-4 was recorded offering a glass of wine to the rover before damaging the device, assumed to be accidental.

附录2: An official interview with SCP-2304-4 took place. 一次对SCP-2304-4的正式采访。

附录3: An additional interview with SCP-2304-4. 一次额外的对SCP-2304-4的采访。

SCP-2304-4 displayed signs of depression shortly after the interview ceased. It expressed desire to leave SCP-2304 and visit Paris, France, in hopes of experiencing love. Dr. Georges Luikj is awaiting review over the unprofessional conduct during interviews and the sharing of extraneous information with SCP-2304-4
SCP-2304-4在这次采访结束后不久表现出了抑郁的迹象。它表现出了极度强烈的离开SCP-2304,去往巴黎并体验爱情的渴望。Dr. Georges Luikj正在因访谈期间的不专业表现和与SCP-2304-4分享无关信息的行为受审查。

附录4: Following Dr. Luikj's discharge from the SCP-2304 team, a small strip of paper was found at the entrance to SCP-2304, presumed to have been slipped from beneath the door.
在Dr. Luikj被从负责SCP-2304的小组中解雇后,在SCP-2304的入口处发现了一张小纸片,据推测可能是从门下的缝隙递出的。

Take me with you 带我一起离开

附录5: SCP-2304's entrance was abruptly sealed, and communication was lost with most of the surveillance equipment within SCP-2304. Any attempts to re-enter SCP-2304 have so far been unsuccessful. SCP-2304的入口被完全封闭,并且SCP-2304内部中大部分监控设备的通讯已经断开。任何重新进入SCP-2304的尝试目前都未能成功。


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