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O5-1 strode out of the ruins of his bunker, his face a mask of rage and grief. He… they, had protected humanity for so long. Humanity was imperfect, it was chaotic, and it was the only thing he'd ever loved. And now he was finally alone. A truth that had been figurative for over two thousand years was now literal. The irony was bile in his throat.

He stared at the new blue star and let out a roar of frustration. He poured every sacrifice, every tragedy, every Montauk, and every victory into his voice. When he fell silent, little of him remained.

"I'd do it again. All of it, one thousand times over. Even if I knew I would still fail." He straightened up and began to pace. "I see you in the sky, rising to a final betrayal with a being that is nothing more than a mockery of true life. You abandon everything your ancestors have built, everything we have shed blood to protect. I know this is the end, I can feel Life itself leaving this world. But had you stood with us rather than against us we could have won. We could have endured as we've always endured, survived as we've always survived. But you were seduced by power. You may have become gods, but that is something less than human, not more. The present isn't worth the loss of the future and the past."

O5-1 stopped, and turned to face [[[scp-990| someone who wasn't there]. "Hello Fritz, did no one ever teach you that it's rude to interrupt a soliloquy."

Nobody said nothing.

"You always stood with us. But when I needed your guidance more than ever you were gone. Why?"

Nobody said Nothing.

"We'll both be dead soon. Just tell me why. For the sake of everyone we've sacrificed on the altar of our ideals, tell me why you abandoned them!"

"Joseph. It wasn't the greater good anymore."

Neither being spoke again. The Wanderer had ended his journey, and Nobody was never no one.