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Welcome to the Essay Hub! This page contains a number of helpful articles on various topics relating to writing SCPs. If you're looking for specialized advice on a variety of topics, this is the place to be. Please visit the Guide Hub for more general guides to participating in the community.


Helpful essays on a wide variety of topics. Should be considered as opinion pieces rather than authoritative, but nonetheless are very useful for new and veteran members alike.

Specifics of the SCP-verse

Essays dealing with writing in the SCP universe.

Style and Prose

Essays dealing with Style, prose, and general writing tips.

Coding and Technical

Essays dealing with Coding in the wikidot format and related topics.

Knowing Your Stuff SCIENCE!

Essays dealing with clinical tone, technical writing, and tips on using technobabble.

  • Classified and You: A brief rundown of what classified means, and how access to classified material works.
  • Clinical Tone: Declassified: tips for getting that ever-elusive clinical tone in your articles.
  • Random But Useful: A brief page of random but useful odds and ends.
  • Technical Writing: Writing about technical matters for the non-technical. Most of us are authors, not scientists. This might be useful if you want to get that technical twist in your writing that you're having problems with.

Supplemental Information

Collections of useful information to writers.

Community Engagement

Essays dealing with participation in the community.

Critique and Feedback

Essays dealing with how to give and take critique on writing.