Modulum's Proposal: The Threshold
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Item #: SCP-001

Object Class: Omni1

Special Containment Procedures: Access to the contents of SCP-001 is to be restricted to members of the O5 Council only. The identities of the thirteen members of the O5 Council must not be revealed to any living entity in any time period. The Council may not add members, remove current members, or change the identities of any currently sitting member in the future, past, or present. The primary decision-making priority of the O5 Council is to further completion of Operation . The O5 Council will, as resulting from the nature of SCP-001, have unlimited power to exercise as they wish to accomplish this.

Under General Notice 001-Alpha, a select number of SCP-001 subinstances will be declassified and released by the unanimous consensus of the Council. Declassification of SCP-001 subinstances should be accomplished only when it would further completion of Operation Threshold. These subinstances are to be edited and rewritten to be self-contained and include contradicting elements, so as to ensure secrecy of Operation RIFT. A memetic kill agent will be placed on this released file and access limited to Level 4 personnel or higher.

Operation RIFT must be completed as soon as possible. To accomplish this,