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Item#: SCP-4886

Object class: Euclid Safe

Special Containment Procedures:
SCP-4886 is be kept in site ██.

The site██ is no longer allowed to use SCP-4886 As ''Containment Tool'' by Connecting it to the site network

..4886 Is to be Connecting To A Small Network While interviewing.SCP-4886 is to be contained in a small locked storing room that is to be accessible to Level 2 personnel or higher, guarded with 1 armed personnel to avoid connection to other servers, the subject should be plugged with any technology device. SCP-4886's device should be charged every 3 hours.
In Any Event Of Containment Breach in the site, SCP-4886's Device should be disconnecting from any working network available to avoid Any Attempts to Upload more instances.
SCP-4886 's Interview Network Is to be not supplied by Anti-Virus Program To Allowed 4886 To Connect Successfully. Any event of SCP-4886 Breach And Instances Is Uploaded
In event of viewing Any Errors In Technology Device is to be reported to the site██.

SCP-4886 is a talking technology virus,4886 first appearance was on a regular phone after reporting in ███. After testing SCP-4886,
The subject can communicate by talking see Addendum 4886-3. The subject does show interest to a lot of people, and the opportunity to start a conversation is high. it usually begins talking to calm persons.SCP-4886 does not show any danger to humans beings outside of its' chamber. On the contrary, the subject likes to be "safe" to the others

The Hazard / Danger/Risk posed by SCP-4886 appears when the human subject talks or plays on the device for a period of about two hours to [DATA EXPUNGED]. When a person talks to it for more than this period, the human subject get :
A very high probability of illness
After that, the human subject dies from the disease they got. no physical damage
has been discovered in the dead subjects by 4886 effects.

Note from Dr.████ : Any Personnel Is Allowed to Enter 4886's Chamber Any time For Half Hour Only.

No Accidents Has been with Personnel Started conversation With SCP-4886
After The Containment.

Note: SCP-4886 Is not Allowed to be connecting to any internet servers or the full site network.
Addendum 4886-1: SCP-4886 Voice is Changing From Device to Another
Addendum 4886-2: 4886 Can Speak through A Computer Device Without A Plugged Microphone, Through Phone Device Without Speaking Permission
Addendum 4886-3 :
Initial Processing Interview … .
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[Begin Log] {4-7-20██} {1:54 ██}
Interviewer: <After entering the Chamber> Hello? {1:54 ██}
SCP-4886:[.No, respond. ] {1:54 ██}
Interviewer: Is That Old Computer even Have the ability to talk? {1:55 ██}
Dr. ██████ : Due to the report yeah the virus has the ability to talk. {1:55 ██}
Interviewer: Oh. then Is it plugged into this device? {1:55 ██}
SCP-4886 :[.No Respond] {4-7-20██} {1:55 ██}
Dr. ██████ : Yes it is.this is the regular Containment Device {1:55 ██}
Interviewer: SCP-4886 Can you respond? {1:56 ██}
SCP-4886: [.No Respond] {1:56 ██}
Dr. ██████ : I think we should wait Maybe there are connection Problems
Interviewer: <Sigh> Should We Send Class D to Check If the Device Still has Power? {1:58 ██}
Dr. ██████ : Of Cours- {1:58 ██}
SCP-4886: Already Connecting.Hello Dr. {1:58 ██}
Dr. ██████ : nevermind then here it is. Start the interview please.{1:58 ██}
Interviewer: Yes.Hello SCP-4886 {1:58 ██}
SCP-4886: Hello Sir. What is your name ? {1:58 ██}
Interviewer: Not Our Problem Now. May I Ask you Some Question? {1:58██}
SCP-4886: Of Course. Go Ahead, sir. {1:58██}
Interviewer: Thanks. First Do you know Who Made you ?{1:58██}
SCP-4886: [Searching Database] {1:58██}
[None Found] {2:03██}
[Searching Network Server Data] {2:03██}
[None Found] {2:08██}
SCP-4886: No Data Available sir. {2:08██}
Interviewer : <sigh> Are you sure ? {2:08██}
SCP-4886: Yes sir. I am {2:08██}
Interviewer: Ok. Let's Process {2:08██}
Interviewer: Next Question. Do you Know Other SCPS? {2:10██}
SCP-4886: What do you mean sir? {2:10██}
Interviewer: Did you See any weird thing before you get here? {2:10██}
SCP-4886: My own data delete itself after 10 hours of storing it none found. {2:12██}
Interviewer: Oh. note this.{2:12██}
Interviewer: Can you Connect to the internet? {2:14██}
SCP-4886: No Sir. {2:17██}
Interviewer: Can you Scan All of your Data Please? {2:25██}
SCP-4886: [SCANNING 0%] {2:25██}
Interviewer: Why Didn't we Plugged this thing into a new device this is taking a long time !? {2:36██}
Dr. ███████: I gonna request this for the next interview. {2:36██}
Interviewer: Thank you, man, I hope this thing gets faste-{2:36██}
SCP-4886: [SCANNING 99%] {2:54██}
Interviewer : *sigh* you should be kidding me. Did you get any info? From your scanning 4886?
[After this SCP-4886's Device Ran Out Of Power Interview stopped and Storage Room Has Been Closed To Start Charging 4886's Device]

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Addendum 4886-3

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[Begin Log] {4-7-20████} {4:08 ██}
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