MojyoQueen SCP draft 1: Coloured Book
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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is to be contained in a locked box on Room-8 of the Anomalous Item Repository at Site-11. The lights of the room must be turned off unless it the item is being used for testing. Any damage to the box and lighting of the room that SCP-XXXX is contained in are to be fixed or replaced to avoid visual contact with the item's pages. Testing with SCP_XXXX must be approved by Level 4+ personnel.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a 400-page white covered book displaying a colour on each page's front and the same colour's designation on the back of the page. These colours don't appear to be ordered nor following any specific pattern apart from white and black (page 1 and 399 respectively). Testing with page 399 has been discontinued following Test XXXX_4 and Test XXXX_5

Visual contact made with the colour presented on the front will render the subject blind of all other colours being only able to see the one displayed on the page he looked at; this does not stack, following Test XXXX_3. Viewing multiple pages won't make the subject view more colours and instead just the first one. This effect takes about 1 hour after viewing the colour and does not work with SCP-XXXX's cover.

No information on the title, editor, publisher or author are present on the cover of SCP-XXXX.

Addendum: SCP-XXXX was retrieved on 23/04/20██ on ███ ████ Public Library after several reports of people displaying the effect of SCP-XXXX effect. Agent ███████ and Agent ██████ was dispatched to the location and after opening SCP-XXXX, Agent ███████ called for Agent ██████ on the effect. No information regarding the origin of SCP-XXXX were known by the staff at ███ ████ Public Library. Class-A amnestics were distributed to every victim in the incident and SCP-XXXX was retrieved safely to Site-11.

Test XXXX_1 - 23/10/20██

Subject: D-134765 (Subject had been diagnosed with Protanopia).
Procedure: Subject was instructed to look at page 21 (red) and page 237 (navy blue).
Results: Subject reported no effects after viewing the colour red but instead on navy blue.
Analysis: SCP-XXXX appears to only affect those who distinguish the displayed colour.

Test XXXX_2 - Date 16/02/20██

Subject: D-815678 (Subject had been diagnosed with Deutranopia).
Procedure: Subject was instructed to look at pages 41 (lime green), 255 (crimson red) and 311 (yellow).
Results: Subject reported no effects after viewing the colours lime green and crimson red but instead on yellow.
Analysis: Similar results to the previous test.

Test XXXX_3 - 31/05/20██

Subject: D-472386 (Subject had been diagnosed with Tritanopia)
Procedure: Subject was instructed to look at pages 311 (yellow), 47 (pink) and 53 (light blue).
Results: Subject reported no effects after viewing the colour yellow and light blue (although able to distinguish it) but instead on pink.
Analysis: It appears that the effect won't stack even if the viewer can distinguish the colours it has looked at.

Test XXXX_4 - 23/06/20██

Subject: D-173891 (Subject had been diagnosed with Monochromacy).
Procedure: Subject was instructed to flip through SCP-XXXX's pages.
Results: Subject reported no effects on the colour white nor on shades of grey but black rendered the subject permanently blind after a week.
Analysis: We will be requiring more testing to determine if page 399 will render someone not colour-blind to go blind.

Test XXXX_5 - 21/12/20██

Subject: D-532723 (Subject has no history of colour-blindness)
Procedure: Subject was instructed to look at pages 1 (white), 73 (grey) and 399 (black).
Results: Subject reported no effects from looking at the colour white, but instead on grey (why this didn't occur on the previous test is unknown). After flipping through the book to the colour black, the previous effect manifested although subject reported being still "blind" from looking at colour grey when this happened.
Analysis: By order of Site Administrator ███████, testing with page 399 will be discontinued from this day forward.