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  1. Slugs are good at the scientific method
  2. I wonder what heaven's like these days (To be given priority due to potential for dialog-free narrative.) | (Requires update to make the narrative a build up to the reveal of their deicide or exploring the consequences thereof.)
  3. The Foundation vs. Hell
  4. Carry on my wayward son
  5. Chad "Foo" Kilroy, CPL
  6. Judge, Jury, and Executed
  7. Mommy, where do babies come from?
  8. This anomaly for hire
  9. Murphy Law in... HERE'S LOOKING AT EUCLID!
  10. Untitled
  11. The neon god we made

The technological singularity but it's too busy upgrading itself to actually do anything.


An entire continent that just up and disappeared, alongside everyone on it. No idea how I'm gonna justify the image caption. Map probably made by Lord Blackwood. I'm going to have to make up a better name than Mu for the continent,1 since Mu just sounds dumb.


Earliest surviving map of SCP-XXXX. Of note is the incorrect position of Atlantis.

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class:

Special Containment Procedures:


Idea: Mu is colonized by the future inhabitants of Mu2 who used a temporal anomaly to enslave their own ancestors in the late 19th century. The Foundation/CIA3 uses an antimemetic anomaly to contain the entire continent, since the colonizers have future tech and 20/20 hindsight, so beating them in a straight slugging match is impossible. Very heavily based on the atrocities of the Belgian Congo.

PeppersGhost moklin: For the deadline, let's say March 20 so I can get the article posted before the end of the month for DS. As for research, it'd be desserts and dessert components that would make suitable analogues for feline biology
moklin will do
PeppersGhost moklin: I was thinking one might have a general baklava/filo theme. They need to be eaten regularly to survive, so there'd be description of their bones being filo and their marrow being chopped nuts honey, or something like that
PeppersGhost moklin: But that's as far as I've gotten; part of the research I'd planned was familiarizing myself with more desserts to get a feel for where there's good potential
moklin PeppersGhost: "They need to be eaten regularly to survive" - what does this mean? wouldn't eating them kill them?
PeppersGhost moklin: no, they're fine. But if they're not eaten, they technically stop being desserts, and the conceptual thaumaturgy starts to break down

Desserts should come from Balkan sweets & cuisine.

Might be too close to the Filo: Börek

  • Blood:
    • Jam (Reasoning: Color)
    • Kompot (Reasoning: ability to flow through blood vessels)
  • Bones: Filo (Reasoning: PeppersGhostPeppersGhost's choice)
  • Bone marrow: Baklava (Reasoning: PeppersGhostPeppersGhost's choice)
  • Brain: A densely-packed Funnel cake (Reasoning: Emulates folds of the brain)
  • Claws:
    • Stale icing (Reasoning: I can't find anything more fitting than that)
    • Declawed dessert kitties (Reasoning: to make sure consumers don't get their eyes clawed out by dessert?)
  • Ears: Outer area (The triangle-looking part) is skin, but the eardrum itself would be a generic thin slice of bread (Reasoning: No suitable analogues found)
  • Eyes: (Possibly hollow) Balls of Sugar glass (Reasoning: It's actually edible and would be the most usable as an eye, though it is quite fragile)
  • Fur: No suitable analogues found
  • Heart:
    • Pulsing Cherry Jell-O (Reasoning: Color, and the fact that I find pulsating Jell-O weirdly unnerving | might be too similar to the liver)
    • Strawberry (Reasoning: While not exactly a dessert, the fruit's use in several recipes, combined with its similarity of both color and shape, make it a viable option)
  • Kidneys: Hwangnam-ppang (Reasoning: It's bean-based.)
  • Liver: Chocolate or Grass jelly (Reasoning: Livers are pretty darn brown)
  • Lungs: Caramelized apple slices (Reasoning: Similar shape)
  • Muscles: Mincemeat (Reasoning: No other suitable analogues found, and this one is made out of meat)
  • Nose: Carved Turkish delight (Reasoning: Pink Turkish delight has a similar color and texture to a cat's nose)
  • Skin: Crêpe (Reasoning: Most skin-like dessert I could find. While not easily stretchable without tearing, it is easily bendable)
  • Stomach: Some form of Filled donut with small holes on each end (Yes I realize that normal donuts are like this, I'm specifically referring to a donut with a large hollow interior and a dime-sized hole on either end)
  • Throat and other misc. tubing: A long and thin variant of Bundt cake