Carry on my wayward son

Author's reference note: According to the article, wikipedia, and some basic math, SCP-2521 is considered by me to be 245.025 cm (8 ft) in height.

« I have the right to be forgotten

The obituaries have always been a morbid fascination of Anna's. Scrolling through the lifes and deaths of dozens of unfortunate souls as she drinks her coffee to feel alive. It's almost therapeutic to see how others wasted their short time on Earth - and if nothing else, it kept her from making the same mistakes.

March the 23rd, 2003 might not have been an at all recent list of necrologies, being eleven years old at this point - but it gave an altogether too-necessary feeling of impersonality to the affair.

This section swaps between each described person as Margaret rips them back to the place they died. One of them should be lying inside of what is now a paved road due to them being remembered during construction. Obviously, this keeps them in place, and they are stuck looking at the sky, but unable to move. Anthony's bit should be heavily focused on him figuring out how the afterlife works - if the chain interacts with objects as much as he does (yes - it is manipulated by real-life items, but is unable to manipulate the real world.), and subsequently, what happens if the chain gets placed in between two items which are stacked together (It becomes stuck, and is completely unable to be moved). If the angle of Anthony's bit doesn't work, then just go for the purely-2521 direction, with him crossing paths with the other two in the course of his narrative. Consider using prose that indicates that the universe itself is sentient and is orchestrating this afterlife for its amusement.


Anthony's professional business portrait.

Anthony Young, Freelance Financial Advisor, Dies at 44


Dr. Singh eating dinner in Georgia.

Dr. Hardeep Singh, Professor, Dies at 53


Deborah during a housewarming party one month before her death.

Dr. Deborah Perez, Retired Surgeon, Dies at 81

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It seems that his world is beginning to understand you.

It's a shame that he won't be able to do much about it.