Carry on my wayward son

Image-based tale. Opens on Anthony sitting at his grave, when flower girl comes back. Paying her no mind, Anthony continues to sit, until flower girl gets to his grave. Standing in/on his foot, Anthony's chain begins to tighten, and he's pulled away from flower girl. But, when a living person is attached (remembers) a dead person and is coincidentally intersecting their ghost, the ghost is attached (paraphysically) to the living person.

Since they're attached to the living and are being pulled at the same time, the ghost is stretched and torn parallel to the pulling force from the point of contact, creating a bunch of ribbon-like tentacles from the affected area. This also nabs some of the person's living soul with it, bringing the dead person the ability to feel emotion without looking at the sky. Anthony figures this out, but believes that the fucked-upness of his foot is because it's alive now, and the brain can't perceive itself as both alive and dead at the same time. He sets out to repeat this process over and over again until he's fully alive, which he believes will allow him to possess objects such as robots and explain his plight.

When he fully transforms into what's now 2521, he realizes that he was wrong, and that he can't possess things or see himself as anything other than what he is - a mass of torn ectoflesh. But, he can interact with the things that mention him - but not images (shown by him not being able to take a photo of himself), or those who remember him without mentioning him (shown by him trying to take flower girl before she reaches the graveyard). He then sets out to remove all information about himself from the world (This is when I transition from partially images and text to just images). He starts out entirely invisible, but gathers some amount of color with each victim. In removing information about himself, he absorbs enough people and ink to turn his entire body pitch-black, which causes him to be fully visible. Having accomplished his task, he climbs a tall mountain to finally reach the heavens and his final death. He reaches out a hand, sees it begin to disappear into the sky with a clean horizontal line, and he takes one final look out into the horizon.

"And so Anthony died" writes the author, as Anthony steps toward his fate. The next panel shows Anthony reacting to this statement, realizing that he's being documented. (This is presented as the above photo.)
Alternatively, the tale ends with a photo of 2521 taking my computer/pad of writing paper just after Anthony decides to start removing all information about himself.

« I have the right to be forgotten

Anthony's spent most of his life trying to stay dead.