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SCP XXXX  known affectionately by staff members as 'Tommy' is a living organism of unknown origin resembling a 1m×1m×1m cube or box.


SCP-xxxx is contained in a 5×5m holding cell located in site ××××× which is maintained at normal room temprature.
Due to SCP-xxxxs empathic ability any staff member entering the holding cell must do so under observation at all times.
Despite its organic nature SCP-xxxx is incapable of locomotion and requires no form of sustenance.
Playing music to SCP-xxxx appears to alter its emotional state and Jazz music seems to have the most calming effect.


SCP-xxxx was recovered from the basement of the home of Mr and Mrs ×××××× in ××××××× after Mrs ×××××× discovered SCP-xxxx shortly after entering the basement for the first time following her husbands death.
Mrs ×××××× claimed her husband often spent time alone in the basement where she believed he was 'fixing things and what not'.
SCP-xxxx was discovered alongside an old vinal record player and a large collection of jazz records.

SCP-xxxxs external appearance is that of a mostly featureless cube or box covered in what appears to be pale human skin complete with hair follicles and small leisions or moles.
SCP-xxxx has no external orrafice or limbs.
Each of SCP-xxxxs 6 faces/sides pulsates rythmically.

X-Ray annalysis has reavealed SCP-xxxxs internal structure to consist of a beating heart; blood vessels, nervous system and brain. All roughly analogous to those of a normal human. As well as a rigid skeletal structure comprised of 12 seperate bones forming the edges of the cube.
This structure is surrounded by a layer of fatty flesh and epidermis.

SCP-xxxx is mostly inert when left alone but will respond to various stimuli. SCP-xxxx is particularly senstive to touch and will convulse rapidly and produce an increased heart rate if any external force is applied.
Similarly SCP-xxxxs heart rate appears to slow down or speed up in response to certain forms of music.

Although entirely composed of living tissue it is unknown how SCP-xxxx is able to sustain itself as it appears to require no form of nousrishment.
SCP-xxxx has never shown any sign of ageing despite having been recovered in 19×× and reportedly having been first discovered by civilians at a much earlier date.

SCP-xxxx has exhibited what appears to be some kind of empathic telepathy.
Although unable to comunicate through any form of language some staff and test subjects have reported a shared emotional experience with SCP-xxxx with feelings ranging from a euphoric sense of peace to fear and confusion and usually in relation to whatever external influence is affecting SCP-xxxx at the time.
In each reported incident subjects have described the emotional experience as 'overpowering' often to the point of debilitation.

An incident was recorded on ××/××/××× during which a staff member performing a routine check became emotionally unstable whilst in SCP-xxxxs presence.
In an interview following the event the staff member was recorded as saying:

"I felt connected to Tommy, in a way ive never felt with another person. He really has a beautiful mind. He has no way of describing his thoughts, everything is abstract to Tommy. Its like poetry written only in feelings"

Several attempts have been made to extract skin, blood and other samples from SCP-xxxx although on each occasion it has appeared to cause severe stress resulting in an increased heart rate and violent convultions. During an incident taking place on ××/××/××× a scientist attempting to retrieve a marrow sample from SCP-xxxxs nervous system was suddenly incapacitated after suffering a violent seizure. The scientist fell into a coma for several days and since waking has remained in a permanent catatonic state.
It was following this incident that SCP-xxxx was re-classified from SAFE to EUCLID