The Desire

Item #: SCP-3238

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containing Procedures: SCP-3238 is to be handled specifically by Class D personal due to intense psychological damage it inflicts on the holder, which will eventually, and most likely, cost the life of the one who holds it.

Personnel who hold it are required to take amnestics up to type E. However, this precaution is not a guaranteed fix to personnel who are affected by SCP-3238, as some psychological damages that are unaffected by the anomalous properties of SCP-3238 can scar the affected individual. Once the individual is fully affected by SCP-3238 (SCP-3238-1) can not be "cured" by an amnestic procedure.

SCP-3238 is to be kept in a padlocked 30 x 30 x 30 inch cobalt safe at all times, and monitored hourly to note changes. D Class personnel are to be accompanied by armed Level 2 personnel to transport SCP-3238 if necessary

Item Description: SCP-3238 is an anomalous gift-wrapped cardboard box with a white outer paper covering with a gray seashell pattern, and a purple bow tying the lid to the base. Inside the box is ever-changing, with each person that holds it or looks inside of it seeing something different. What's inside the box is perceived to be whatever the holder desires the most in life. SCP-3238 draws new users to it, with test subjects who stood within a 10 m radius of it reported hearing voices instructing them to come closer, seeing colors and shapes surrounding the anomaly [However, never specifically on SCP-3238], and shadows in their peripheral visions [these seem to become less frequent as the individual moves closer to SCP-3238]. When the individual moves closer to SCP-3238, these effects worsen, but stop when SCP-3238 is touched.

When contact has been made with SCP-3238, the holder becomes SCP-3238-1 Stage 1. Opening the box will allow them to see inside the box. Once done, they enter a trance-like state and are unable to remove its contents. This effect will last anywhere from 20 seconds to 30 minutes. After this period the contents inside will disappear. SCP-3238-1 will start to hear a voice in their head explaining to them their current situation. In interviews, victims will often refer to this man as "The Desire" [SCP-3238-2, but do not provide a physical description. SCP 3238-1 Stage 1 will attempt to guard SCP-3238, often times with their life, to keep it in their possession. Stage 1 will last for a maximum of 48 hours after first contact before SCP-3238-1's mental state starts to deteriorate. Affects will include [DATA EXPUNGED], Thoughts of misanthropy, hostile reactions to near-by life, mild depression, schizophrenic outbursts, and hatred of ones self. Test subjects refused to bathe, eat, or talk, or want to do simple ████████. After the 48 hours have passed, SCP-3238-1 enters Stage 2. Subject becomes increasingly violent, subjects skin turns pale white, random outbursts of screaming, swearing, kicking, punching, biting (Dr ████ reported no symptoms after being bitten by SCP-3238-1), and running into containment walls. When personnel were not physically watching SCP-3238-1, they would begin to sob uncontrollably. This ceased when personnel were in the room. SCP-3238-1 will reach its final stage 72 hours after first exposure to SCP-3238. Subjects in this stage are to be put in special containing procedures dubbed [DATA REDACTED]. SCP-3238-1 in Stage 3 must be tied down to any seating its put in, strapped down with plated leather wrist, ankle, and forehead straps. SCP-3238 is to be within either a 5 meter distance from SCP-3238-1, or within their direct eyesight. Subjects vocal releases are damaging to eardrums, and nearly constant. The subject will do anything necessary to get to SCP-3238. SCP-3238-1 will start to physically deteriorate. Hair will fall out, unable to grow back due to closed hair follicles, skin turns to a pure white with a blue tint, subjects bone tissue will deteriorate, which causes physical structure to become less humanoid. Subjects not put into special containment procedures have been reported to have suicidal tendencies, committed suicide from self inflicted blunt head trauma, murder of other D class personnel, ███, schizophrenic visions that go on for hours at a time, paranoia towards staff, and violent assault.

SCP-3238 will open in varied bursts. It will remain open for random amounts of time. The fastest closing time recorded was .34 seconds, while the longest time recorded was an entire hour. The box will appear empty to anybody that is not SCP-3238-1 (unless none is alive). SCP-3238-1 in Stages 1-2 will make anomalous bursts of speed advancing to SCP-3238, which will end when it has closed. SCP-3238-1 in Stage 3 are unaffected. It is believed to be that once Stage 3 has been reached, the most desired object will fade from the box, and the subject is left to death.

Recovery Log: SCP-3238 was recovered on 2/4/██ after several deaths were reported from the household of ██████ Wailey. Mr. Wailey is a 56 year old Caucasian male from ██████, Alabama. He reported that he bought SCP-3238 from the ████████ thrift store, unknowing its anomalous properties. He reported to the police that it caused each of his six family members living in his house to commit suicide after viewing the contents of the box. The ██████ police reported the incident to the foundation. Officer Thomas Hilfiger held SCP-3238 in his hands, and the anomalous effects of SCP-3238 resonated on Officer Hilfiger, who was a first-respondent to the incident. Hilfiger was found in his home, foamed at the mouth and crying in the fetal position in his bathtub on 2/7/ ██. Subject was taken to the foundation within the hour, where mental tests as well as physical reconstruction. Hilfiger was pronounced dead at 6:32 AM on 2/8/ ██.1