The Spark

Item#: XXXX
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
Disruption Class:
Risk Class:


Spectral cross-section of an SCP-XXXX instance. Prominence over the baseline suggests deactivation is occurring. A craniotomy was performed on the subject in order to expose the structure.

Special Containment Procedures
The intrinsic effects of SCP-XXXX means that the containment or neutralization of its numerous instances would jeopardize the normalcy and standard functioning of humanity. Regardless, use of routine primary containment controls would be logistically infeasible. Alternative containment procedures have been drafted that mitigate the logistical and ethical concerns - but none are presently approved for implementation.

06/2/1998: A test-run of the Bohm-Pribram [Interference Neutralization] procedures within a real-world environment has been approved.

01/12/2000: Please note: The above section of the containment procedures has been nullified. Reclassification of SCP-XXXX is in process, and new summarized procedures have not been inserted.

The ubiquity of SCP-XXXX instances ensures a constant threat of public detection. All public research related to SCP-XXXX is to be suppressed. Certain bodies of research will consistently require suppression, e.g. neuroscience. At the moment, the only known ways of affecting or detecting SCP-XXXX is protected Foundation technology1. Outside detection will likely involve unique experimental methods.

It is critical that an individual's SCP-XXXX instance is kept in a nominal state. Personnel are to have their cranial lining examined and tested before allowing interaction with Hume field anomalies. Scantron Reality Anchors included - an SRA can permanently neutralize an SCP-XXXX instance if the cranial lining is compromised. Cranial lining test equipment is to be provided to the Foundation Medical Department for this purpose.

Individuals affected by a significantly irregular SCP-XXXX instance are to be cautiously monitored, especially if the instance is hyperactivated. Psychiatric treatment is to be provided once conditions stabilize.

Reality-benders inadvertently created by SCP-XXXX hyperactivation are to be terminated. Individuals affected in this matter are extremely dangerous to themselves and others, and have expired in a catastrophic matter in all observed cases, regardless of treatment.

12/5/1996: Research of SCP-XXXX requires Ethics Committee and O5 Council approval.

SCP-XXXX instances are enormously complex, self-sustaining regions of evolving Hume2 potential3. These instances are always usually spatially locked to within some region of a host entity. In human hosts, this region is the brain's volume. SCP-XXXX instances have only been detected within human hosts.

In the context of humans, experimentation and statistical analysis has shown strong functional connectivity between an SCP-XXXX system and its host individual. This connectivity has been narrowed down into direct associations with various human phenomena, including:

  • Developmental disorders, e.g autism.
  • Emotional relationships between humans. Strongest correlation is with empathy.
  • Response to strong emotions, such as grief.
  • Out-of-body experiences.
  • Thought processes related self-conceptualization, such as self-image and personal identity.
  • Memory recall of past experience, and the conscious awareness of current experience.




20,000 Humes Under the Sea

submarine accidents becomes a scip!

Item#: XXXX
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
Disruption Class:
Risk Class:


USS Nautilus under inspection by the Foundation following the first recorded SCP-XXXX instance. The device attached is an early model Kant counter.


Sonar return during SCP-XXXX instance. The object is currently drifting 600 meters underwater.

Special Containment Procedures:

Description: SCP-XXXX is a phenomenon where nuclear military submarines that meet certain criteria are frequently affected by anomalous events. These events, designated as SCP-XXXX instances, are potentially catastrophic in scale and can result in loss of life or potentially the sinking of the vessel.

The resulting effect of SCP-XXXX instances is not consistent. Effects can be relatively benign, resulting in negligible damage and may not even be noticed by the crew. Alternatively, effects can be extremely anomalous and catastrophic, such as rapidly oscillating Hume levels, or the disappearance of entire systems of a vessel. Listed a variety of recorded examples:

  • The instantaneous removal of a 1 meter diameter sphere of material in the aft starboard section of a vessel
  • A sudden 90 degree rotation of a vessel within the span of 3 seconds, causing several casualties
  • Instantaneous increase in mass of an electrical connector to over several thousand kilograms, resulting in severe damage to the vessel's reactor coolant system, causing the vessel to be scuttled
  • Unknown active objects appearing on sonar return
  • Unknown entities inside and outside of the vessel

There has been ██ recorded instances of SCP-XXXX. The frequency and the target of SCP-XXXX instances makes containment extremely difficult. Almost all recorded instances of SCP-XXXX required intervention from the UIU, GRU-P, or the Foundation in order to contain public knowledge of SCP-XXXX.

Addendum XXXX.1 Instances

Unite the Web-Colonies, Glory to Premier!


Special Containment Procedures:

Description: SCP-XXXX is a collective designation for an anomalous species of 8 legged invertebrates. They appear derived from arachnids, specifically tarantulas. They distinctly differ from tarantulas in size and internal physiology. SCP-XXXX instances form large colonies, the structure of which is anomalous.

SCP-XXXX physiology differs distinctly from tarantulas. They are significantly larger, with a length of upwards of 6 feet. Their anatomy appear closer to mammals than arachnids, using blood rather than haemolymph. Thus, they have veins, lungs, and a multiple chamber heart. Their external physiology is different as well, with the two front appendages on an arachnid being replaced with a much more complex manipulation appendage, akin in function to human arms.

SCP-XXXX societal structure, once a colony has been formed, appears similar to the politics of the Stalinist era of the Soviet Union.

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Help, I've Fallen and Can't Get Out / The Fractured Pile



SCP-XXXX (5/6/1944).


UMZ-1 housing, before meltdown.

Special Containment Procedures: A 30 kilometer area around SCP-XXXX has been acquired and cordoned off. Disinformation has been proliferated claiming that SCP-XXXX is an extremely hazardous chemical weapons development site.

Disinformation is to be implanted into historical institutions about the factual personnel and outcomes of the Uranprojekt. Any historical evidence for Uranprojekt constructs beyond reactor piles are to be suppressed.

Personnel or autonomous units entering and then exiting the area around SCP-XXXX are to be examined for radioactive particles. If radioactive particles can not be entirely removed from equipment and personnel, they are to be quarantined, and if necessary destroyed.

Any unauthorized persons are to be escorted off of the grounds by on-site security. If any unauthorized persons are located within or near the primary complex of SCP-XXXX, they are to be thoroughly screened, amnesticized, and then released back into the general population.

Description: SCP-XXXX is the collective designation for the Uranmaschine-Züchter 17 reactor complex in the German province of Saxony. The complex was built by the covert Nazi German nuclear weapons program (Uranprojekt) under the administration of the Reichsforschungsrat8 in the Spring of 1944, with direct authorization for its construction given from Hermann Göring.

The outside facilities surrounding SCP-XXXX are non-anomalous, however nonetheless hazardous due to radioactive particles that have coated the area. Foundation clean-up crews have made only certain sections of the complex safe for temporary human usage. Efforts are being increased to contain the radioactive fallout from the complex, with the construction of a large concrete superstructure being planned.

The interior of SCP-XXXX itself is a highly radioactive, spatially entangled, discontinuous non-euclidean space. This space is constantly changing in effective structure and is extremely hazardous due to the risk of becoming entangled into space or time loops. Dematerializations from space continuity failures are another hazard present. The outer sections of the building contain miscellaneous control rooms and maintenance areas. The inner section of the building contains the UMZ-1 reactor and housing. All attempts to reach close proximity of the reactor have failed, and only the outer sections have been explored.

Reality Anchors have little to no effect on SCP-XXXX. Kant Counters frequently fail to output Hume level measurements within SCP-XXXX, seemingly caused by the Kant Counter failing to detect local reality. If a measurement does successfully output, it is frequently inconsistent with previously recorded measurements. Averages of recorded Hume levels show a Hume level close to baseline reality (1Hm)9. The baseline reality average and/or the lack of reality to manipulate could potentially explain why Reality Anchors fail to have an effect on SCP-XXXX.

UMZ-1 itself is likely anomalous in construction. Recovered Uranprojekt documentation states that UMZ-1 is 'capable of n-local folds allowing for synthesis of currently unfeasible to manufacture elements and materials using only minuscule amounts of uranium for catalyst.' It is unknown if UMZ-1 was capable of this process, and it is currently unfeasible to confirm it due to the condition of the complex and it's difficulty to explore. However, the existence of the building's spatial anomaly implies that the Uranprojekt engineers likely had the capability of altering local space.

Historical documents state that in early 1945, UMZ-1 suffered a catastrophic meltdown. These documents describe that this formed an "interlocked local space continuity fracture", which is the Uranprojekt's explanation for SCP-XXXX's anomalous nature. Following the meltdown, German authorities rapidly formed a 30 kilometer exclusion zone around the complex, which is maintained to the present by Foundation security.


These SCP drafts are considered (by me) to be most likely unreleaseable due to larger issues.

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Item#: XXXX
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
Disruption Class:
Risk Class:


Document affected by SCP-XXXX.

Special Containment Procedures: At-risk organizations, if suitable, have been given the software and equipment necessary for the detection and neutralization of SCP-XXXX instances. Unsuitable at-risk organizations are to be scanned in their entirety by Foundation AIs if SCP-XXXX instances are suspected to be present.

Internal Foundation databases are at a severe risk of SCP-XXXX infection. Foundation AIs have been tasked to routinely scan for and delete SCP-XXXX instances. If possible, these instances are to be restored from backups.

One instance of SCP-XXXX is to be stored in Site-██ on a no-degrade external containment drive.

Description: SCP-XXXX is an anomalous phenomenon where classified or confidential documentation is nonsensically sanitized and altered to appear declassified. These SCP-XXXX instances act as vectors for other documents to be affected by SCP-XXXX.

The mechanism of infection is both physical and digital. Digital instances infect other files on the system's storage devices. Physical instances will infect other physical documents within a range of ~1 meter. The rate of infection is exponential, with the number of infected documents doubling every 2 days if enough documents are present.

The mechanism that decides what information SCP-XXXX obscures is unknown. Visible sections of an instance often imply nonsensical or misleading conclusions, however at other times they serve as useful insights into the original document's subject. Instances that seem like genuinely declassified documents have been released by organizations, causing significant breaches of containment12.

Addendum XXXX.1: Affected Organizations

SCP-XXXX has been noted to have caused several operational issues for many organizations. These include and are not limited to:

  • The Foundation
  • Global Occult Coalition
  • Unusual Incidents Unit (U.S Federal Bureau of Investigation)
  • All of the respective intelligence agencies of the United Nations Security Council
  • National Railroad Passenger Corporation ('Amtrak')

Addendum XXXX.2: Examples

SCP-XXXX instances can be altered to be non-anomalous. Examples of safe instances are shown below:

Packet Loss




Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is to be stored in a standard containment locker in Site-15.

Research must be approved by an Electronic Anomalies Division senior researcher. Any research with cognitohazards must have approval from the current residing Memetics Division director following Incident XXXX.01.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a blue 5 meter ISO/IEC 11801 compliant Category 5e ("CAT5e") twisted pair cable with two male 8P8C connectors13.

Any data transmitted through SCP-XXXX appears to arrive instantaneously at the receiving end, in contrast to a non-anomalous ‘CAT 5e’ cable which has a nonzero propagation delay14. Initially, the data produced at the receiving end of the cable will not match the data that was transmitted. Instead, the received data appears to be based on a subjective interpretation of the ideas in the source data rather than an exact match. Over the period of time it would take an equivalent, non-anomalous ‘CAT 5e’ cable to transmit the data, the data transmitted by SCP-XXXX will gradually show a more accurate representation of the ideas in the source data until it is identical at the end of transmission time.

Interpretations for data that is not subjective are not consistent. Certain sequences of numbers will become correctly interpreted within nanoseconds, such as the Fibonacci numbers or a list of primes. However, other mathematical sequences15 will be incorrectly interpreted, with nearly every single version of the data being off by orders of magnitude.

Interpretations for cognitohazards and other memetic anomalies have been shown to result in [REDACTED]

Addendum XXXX.1: Discovery

SCP-XXXX was discovered on ██/██/2001 after Foundation technicians attempted to diagnose an issue with a Foundation server cluster located in Site-██. Testing revealed unusual outputs from a server connector causing server failures. This was then determined to be a result from the cable, which appeared anomalous. It was then reported to Foundation authorities.

Addendum XXXX.2: Test Logs

A specialized computer has been constructed in Site-██ to capture 5 interpretations generated by SCP-XXXX. This allows for testing, of which some notable results are listed below.

CAP-1 is always the earliest possible capture.

Incident XXXX.01: [REDACTED]


Ideas list!

  • Underwater U.S anomalous detection system, Foundation seizes said detection system and it causes some sort of international incident that wouldn't have happened if the Foundation did not seize it
  • GRU Division-P article on SCP-3685 before capture by the Foundation, and then supplemental article on Chernobyl
  • Based on a friend's dreams, objects appearing in dreams in gloomy, personless dreams that basically haunt the person who is dreaming. Things like dump trucks and locomotives with familiar locations.
  • Some sort of location filled with communist/extremist sentient spiders. Should have a sort of orkish mentality, where any appropriate location becomes better for spiders. Starting idea is a naval vessel.
  • Objects in space that have enough gravity to form lenses eventually form a sentience based on the resemblance to an eyeball.
  • Awesome Image Fuel: Image of the Apollo 13 Command Module after oxygen tank detonation. SCP uses that as fuel for the rest of the article about Apollo 13.
  • SCP phenomenon that when SCP objects are simulated in virtual environments (for say, training purposes), those virtual items sometimes take on the anomalous affects of those items.
  • A theory of quantum gravity that uses anomalous science to explain it - thus it can't be revealed.
  • Headcanon of a power, noble Ethics Committee:
    • Young person who has an anomalous organ outputting enormously powerful coded radio frequencies. Ethics Committee finds that this SCP would be trivially easy to decommission and restore normal life to the individual. O5 Council is eventually involved as the radio transmissions still haven't been decoded - and they wish to keep the SCP contained, and the Ethics Committee overpowers them. The SCP is decommissioned, and the young person is hired as a IT, janitor, something due to the difficulty of removing 8 months of memories.