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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures:

No special containment procedures are required for SCP-XXXX and there are, to date, no recorded adverse effects from continued use of SCP-XXXX. Numerous requests have been entered by security personnel regarding the use of SCP-XXXX for containment of other SCPs.

SCP-XXXX-1 is to be monitored and relocated to Site-██ if anomalous activity occurs.


SCP-XXXX is a dark brown, windowless wooden door of measurements 198cm x 67cm, with a brass-coloured handle and a brass-coloured number thirteen (13) in the upper middle of the dormant face. First discovered in ██████, Italy on 28th January 19██, following the kidnapping and rescue of [REDACTED]. Following initial surprise at the circumstances surrounding the door, later designated SCP-XXXX, The Foundation became aware of the subject and, after testing in the discovery location, removed it from the original frame and relocated it to Site-██ for further testing. Relocating SCP-XXXX has had no discernible effect on the anomalous activity recorded during testing.

SCP-XXXX is considered by many researchers to be a “mono-dimensional portal”, insomuch as access from one side to the other, through the area otherwise known as “the doorway” is freely available in one direction. Any entity which attempts to go through the doorway in the other direction is instantaneously rotated and exits in the direction it initially traveled from. These effects are not limited to living entities, but does not appear to have any impact on sound or light, as both manage to pass through without discernible consequence. Following numerous test with SCP-XXXX, it has been determined that the face featuring its number is the entrance, regardless of orientation, and that travel through can only be achieved from that side.

The original frame, since designated SCP-XXXX-1, was subject to testing and has been shown to have no anomalous effects, either with or without a door affixed to it. Continued observation is underway and will continue until 20██, at which point it will be considered entirely dormant, should no anomalous activities occur.

Addendum XXXX-1:

Below is a list of some of the tests completed on SCP-XXXX. To date, no adverse effects have been determined through continued use, either on living or non-living entities, and so researchers are permitted to use any entity they wish for experiments with SCP-XXXX. Tests involving SCP-096 have been proposed, but were rejected on the grounds that the results have the potential to be dangerous. - Dr. Quentin I███████

Entity: One (1) sharpened HB pencil.
Result: The entity was thrown into the testing room, without anomalous consequence, falling to the ground and breaking the graphite within. Attempts to throw the entity back through SCP-XXXX resulted in the entity re-entering the testing room. Once re-sharpened, the entity was capable of functioning as though it were an ordinary HB pencil.

Entity: Frisbee, with diameter measuring 23.4cm.
Result: The entity passed into the testing room as expected and collided with the opposite wall before falling to the ground. The entity was thrown in the direction of the exit and re-entered the testing room, to be caught by the thrower. This continued for 6 minutes, before the research personnel became bored and terminated the test.

Entity: One house plant (Barberton Daisy)
Result: The entity was projected across the floor, into the testing room, by research personnel, without consequence. Upon attempting to project the entity back out of the testing room, the entity re-entered the room. This was repeated an additional nine (9) times before testing was terminated.

Entity: A length of cotton rope with a length measuring 20 feet.
Result: One end of the entity was thrown into the testing room, the other end being held by a member of the research team. No anomalous activity was recorded and to all intents and purposes, the entity reacted as if it had been thrown through any standard doorway. A second member of the research team proceeded to enter the testing room and pick up a portion of the entity. Despite some motion to and from the research personnel involved, no anomalous activities were recorded. A third member of the research team entered the room, all the while touching the entity, without anomalous effects, before attempting to leave by the same method. The staff member re-entered the room as they reached the threshold of SCP-XXXX. The entity was then passed in its entirety, into the testing room and then an end thrown towards the external staff member, resulting in the thrown end re-entering the room allowing the research personnel inside the testing room to suspend the rope in mid-air, despite standing directly beside one another, and the rope passing “into” SCP-XXXX. Further study on this has been recommended.

Entity: Ten (10) live Rodentia & One (1) live Feline.
Result: The mice were released into the testing room and allowed to disperse for 5 minutes before the introduction of a cat. The cat, as expected, proceeded to chase the mice within it's visual range, and, as expected, some of these mice attempted to escape through SCP-XXXX, re-entering the testing room in the process. After 17 minutes, all mice had been terminated by the cat. After an additional 7 minutes, the test was terminated, the mouse remains and cat retrieved and a full autopsy for all eleven (11) entities completed. Autopsy results can be viewed on request.

[Supervisor's note: The research personnel behind this experiment have since been reallocated to D-Class personnel duties following a complete psychiatric analysis.]

Entity: Red rubber ball, with diameter measuring 4.1cm.
Result: Entity was thrown towards SCP-XXXX, which was open at the time, and passed through into testing room, bounced into the opposite wall and towards SCP-XXXX, before re-entering the testing room, bouncing into the opposite wall and back towards SCP-XXXX. Due to the high initial velocity of the throw and the relatively small dimensions of the testing room (6.3m x 4.5m), this continued for 73 seconds before the entity came to a stop.

[Researcher's note: When testing additional entities with the ability to continue motion without researcher input, testing should occur in a larger room, and the effects of SCP-XXXX on entity velocity should be recorded.]

Entity: Six (6) 5.56 x 45mm (NATO) round ammunition, fired from a standard M16 Rifle.
Result: Three (3) round were fired through SCP-XXXX into the testing room, towards a standard firearms target by trained security personnel. The rounds all impacted with the target as expected. An additional three (3) rounds were fired through SCP-XXXX, out of the testing room, into the member of security firing the rounds. Due to numerous circumstances, full details of which are detailed within the incident report and full review document, said security member died from injuries sustained. Further testing with weaponry, standard or otherwise, is to be observed by no fewer than two (2) medical personnel equipped with standard medical kits and two (2) maintenance personnel equipped with drills and 1 1/4” bits.

[Supervisor's note: What happened here is a tragedy and the appropriate amendments to testing procedure will be actioned to prevent a repeat occurrence.

Entity: D-8549
Result: D-8549 entered the testing room through SCP-XXXX as expected. Upon attempting to leave the testing room D-8549 re-entered the room instantaneously, much to their surprise. This continued for several minutes before the test was terminated with the removal of SCP-XXXX. D-8549 was referred for intelligence testing.

Entity: D-7642
Result: D-7642 entered the testing room through SCP-XXXX as expected. Upon attempting to leave the testing room D-7642 re-entered the room instantaneously, much to their surprise. D-7642 questioned the occurrence with present researchers before attempting to exit the testing room again. After the second occurrence of re-entry to the testing room, D-7642 only attempted to exit the testing room following requests from research personnel, and never of their own volition. Testing was terminated after 24 minutes.

Entity: D-8549 & D7642
Result: D-8549 & D7642 entered the testing room through SCP-XXXX as expected. Upon attempting to leave the testing room D-8549 re-entered the room instantaneously, much to their surprise. D-7642 observed this and refused to participate in the experiment further. D-8549 proceeded to continue attempting to exit the testing room for 53 minutes, before becoming visibly distressed. Testing was terminated 12 minutes later.