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Item #: SCP-2921

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Suspicious accounts about someone's relative working at Nintendo Co., Ltd., or any of its divisions should be investigated briefly for first signs of anomaly. Suspected cases are to be reported to Mobile Task Force Sigma-9 "Game Freaks", for further investigation. Any resale of used Nintendo-related products are to be observed for signs of being independently crafted or altered. Those products are to be analysed as per document CG2921-02DEC2016, and bought by Foundation personnel if suspect of anomalous effect.

Instances of SCP-2921-2 are to be stored in Site-77's anomalous storage wing, after testing. To date, no further procedures were needed, but diversity in instances can change this.

If not kept for study, instances of SCP-2921-1 are to be issued Class-B amnestics for treatment and released, after interrogation for instances of SCP-2921-2 produced.

Documentation on the current location of ex-instances of SCP-2921-1 and a log of SCP-2921-2 instances thus far encountered is to be kept at Site-77 under Level-2 Clearance.

Update: See document SM2921-2-4 for possible new development.

Description: SCP-2921 is a memetic phenomenon. Humans between 5 and 16 year old are the most susceptible to contagion, though some cases were reported of it occurring on young adults and, in one instance, in a 78 year old subject. Subjects affected are designated SCP-2921-1.

SCP-2921-1 instances are identified by the delusion that they have a relative, usually an uncle, who works for the Nintendo Co., Ltd.. Instances also develop obsession with Nintendo products, especially new and future products. The vector for infection is unknown. Though no instance was found among close relatives of actual Nintendo employees, further research discarded the company as a source.

Instances of SCP-2921-1 develop a narrative about privileged access to information, and eventually to future releases and "secret products", from within Nintendo Company. This narrative evolves through time, but the first or one of the earliest elements is the relative that works at the company. No evidence of actual existence of the described person is found, though the description can show characteristics borrowed from actual deceased relatives, or relatives removed enough to hardly appear in the instance's life at the time of first development of the narrative.

The relative is always described as removed enough to live far away, but close enough to remain in regular contact. An uncle (or rarely aunt) is the most common, but other relatives that fit those requisites had been used, and instances with absent parents had shown a preference for those. The oldest instance had declared the relative as being a nephew.

SCP-2921-1 will only add details about its relation to the company or its declared relative if pressed to keep the coherence and credibility of the narrative. All evidence points to the narrative being a non-anomalous fiction, except for the instance developing greatly increased memory for it, including great ability to avoid contradictions. Sometimes SCP-2921-1 will argue to have some kind of confidential proof. Most creations of SCP-2921-2 instances seem to occur at such occasions.

The anomaly was successfully treated with administration of Class-B amnestics to remove memory of the narrative. Also, most instances enter remission naturally after 13 to 31 months. The anomaly had manifested again in █% cases, recovering most of the previous narrative, after contact with instances of SCP-2921-2 produced by itself.

SCP-2921-2 are diverse anomalous objects, crafted by SCP-2921-1 instances. The common anomalous trait is a cognitohazardous effect that induces mild anxiety in nearby subjects. This anxiety attracts individuals with an interest on games, through what is described as a "promise of adventure" or similar allegories. This effect results in increased success from subsided instances of SCP-2921-1 to disperse unused SCP-2921-2, though to date this dispersion seems to be wholly non-anomalous.

SCP-2921-2 instances are based on the stories they were crafted to evidence. They can be anomalous data vessels, like cartridges, the data itself, or objects meant as either promotional material or corporation secrets. The dispersed instances of SCP-2921-2 are at times dangerous to new users, and raise in ██ times the occurrence of SCP-2921 between individuals in contact with it. See documents SM2921-2 and SM2921-2-3 for a sample of collected SCP-2921-2 instances.

History: In March 1998, SCP-2921 was hypothesized by Foundation personnel as a unified explanation for items contained since 1992, and confirmed in 1999. The oldest instances recovered appeared around the end of 1980's.

SCP-2921 is currently considered as a whole uncontained. Improvement on containment or location procedures is top priority for the research team on SCP-2921. Until satisfactory procedures are developed, SCP-2921 is to be classified as Keter.

document SM2921-2:

Sample instances of SCP-2921-2

  • A hand-written copy of the manual for the game "Duck Hunt", the words 'concept material' watermarked at every page. On the 'Notes' section it contains detailed instructions on how the reader could use it to obtain a firearm to go hunting with. The manual changes to locate the nearest source of firearms. While in possession of the manual, a subject can buy the firearm and be considered as legally entitled to it, unless under intense scrutiny. The subject isn't compelled to use the firearm, neither is affected in its awareness of the safe ways to employ it.
  • A deteriorated photograph with signs of edition, showing a group of people sitting behind a bar, raising glasses. A hand-written note on the back read "Here with the folks at NINTENDO!" At acquisition, the letter was shown to change after 12 hours under a new 'owner', adapting to employ the first language of the subject on the back note and change the features of all persons shown in the photograph without a recognized pattern. At least one of the people in the photograph acquire the ethnic patterns of the subject.
  • A peripheral light gun identical to the Konami branded "Justifier" model, the version for the SEGA Genesis home console. The Nintendo brand is found in the place where the Konami brand is usually seen. The peripheral was successfully employed with a SEGA Genesis console, a Super NES console, and several other systems, including Foundation computers not intended for similar system. At computers, the peripheral behaved mostly as a substitute for the mouse.
  • A box containing the "Nintendo Power" magazine, cover about the game "Castlevania II: Simon's Quest", and an unidentified human head. This head is similar to popular descriptions of the character Count Dracula and doesn't show signs of decomposition. Subjects sleeping after seeing the head have an anomalous dream of the aforementioned game. This dream is lucid, and equates to an extremely realistic Virtual Reality version of the game, including working password code system to resume previous games. The subjects presented infallible memory for codes found within the dream. The magazine is non-anomalous.

document SM2921-2-3:

Recurrent instance of SCP-2921-2
A blank sheet of paper is the most common SCP-2921-2 instance. During test, one of the pieces was placed in water. As a result, previously unknown text was discovered. The content of the letter is similar, though adapted, in all instances. Once revealed, this letter is ██ times more effective in triggering SCP-2921 than other instances.

The following content is a sample from the first identified letter:

Dear Steve
I am sorry I did not write you sooner, but I just returned from a long session of working at Nintendo. I was very pleased to find your letter upon my return. Boy, time sure is flying by! You're turning out to be a fine young man. I'm sorry to hear about your setbacks at home, it saddened me when you wrote about having so many of your father's habits.
I think it's a great idea that you visit me during your vacation. I'm sure that you'll enjoy being with me, here at Nintendo, and I really think you'll like everyone here, they're dying to meet you, I've told them all about you. You can even take turns with me at my work and leave a mark in our next project.
I have enclosed some pictures and prototypes from Nintendo for you. Hope to see you soon, and give my regards to your games