Item #: SCP-3564

Object class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3564 is to be kept at the Office Sector on Site-17. Every instance of SCP-3564-1 will be in the Office Sector unless told to be in their containment cell.

Description: SCP-3564 is a white 1999-style printer. The object has two buttons on the back of it. Button one has the words Print and the other has Delete. When the Print button is pressed, SCP-3564-1 crawls out of SCP-3564's front.

SCP-3564-1 entities are human-like with the average height (1.5 meters) and weight (88.901 kgs) of a man. However, instead of skin on SCP-3564-1 paper covers up the entity. The insides of SCP-3564-1 aren't much different with different types of paper making up bones, tissues, and cells of the entity.

The brain of SCP-3564-1 is made up of paper pulp but somehow can understand English, Spanish, and German even if in existence for only 5 seconds. SCP-3564-1 treats everyone as a commander like the entity's brain can't do anything unless told by someone.

The Delete button on SCP-3564 when pressed causes a form of brain death to all instances of SCP-3564-1 at the time. The bodies of all terminated SCP-3564-1 are to be placed in a paper shredder and recycled. If any SCP-3564-1 entities survive the Delete button contact Dr. ████ at once.

Additional: SCP-3564 was found lying on an abandoned factory's floor in [DATA EXPUNGED], New York 2000. There were no signs of functional SCP-3564-1 entities.

Addendum 3564-A: Dr. ████ decided that SCP-3564-1 entities could help with office help that wouldn't harm the Foundation. The O5 council approved any instances SCP-3564-1 could be used to only file papers in the Office Sector in Site 16.

Addendum 3564-B: Dr. ██ was smoking in the Office Sector when one instance of SCP-3564-1 bumped into him causing the entity to burst into flame. Personnel near the incident reported a shrill cry come from SCP-3564-1. Other instances of SCP-3564-1 stopped their work to mourn the loss of the dead entity. SCP-3564-1 entities now show fear when around Dr. ██ if he has a cigar.

Addendum 3564-C: SCP-3564 suddenly blasted out "ERROR! ERROR!" from its slide. Every single SCP-3564-1 seemed to have brain death at once. Dr. ████ went over to SCP-3564 and pulled out a jammed SCP-3564-1 from the object. All instances of SCP-3564-1 came back to life and went back to work. Personnel told to not pull SCP-3564-1 entities during the printing process

Addendum 3564-D: D-8962 and D-3465 tried to escape by going through the Office Sector. Guards posted inside the office screamed, "STOP NOW!" All instances of SCP-3564-1 in the room ran towards the D-class with office supplies and attacked them. The remains of the D-class were unrecognizable due to the incident.