Item #: XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures:

Due to the events following the initial containment (see addendum XXXX-A), XXXX is temporally contained in Site-117. Access is granted only to personnel with level 3 clearance and above. Mobile Task Force Lambda-5 should be always on site and Mobile Task Force Epsilon-11 should be on standby until further instructions.

XXXX is to be isolated from all human interaction/activity allowed outside a radius of no less than 1 meter during the normal lunar cycle, and 8 meters during full moon cycle. Any personnel in contact with XXXX area of effect, designated XXXX-01, will be quarantined in total isolation of any human contact for no less than 7 days and up to 12 days; if recovery progress is determined, the affected personnel will be under observation an should be evaluated periodically during the span of no less than 6 months. If affected personal enters secondary stage designated XXXX-02, termination order enters into effect with focused ultrasonic weaponry with no less than 175 dB and up to 255 dB. For more information, see addendum XXXX-C.

Due to the results of preliminary tests (see addendum XXXX-B) XXXX is to be contained in a specialized storage of quadratic structure made of alabaster, granite, clay, mica, amphiboles and levitated within a sealed zero gravity vacuum chamber, buried underground at no less than 20 meters distance from the surface. Any component, structure or object composed by, or made of, any silicon base components should be removed from a 15 meters radius around XXXX’s containment location.

Due to logistic complications, the risk to the personal and high cost of long-term containment, transfer proposal to Area-32 has been submitted for revision (see addendum XXXX-D).


XXXX is a humanoid faceless mask made of an obsidian crystalline structure and slightly oval shape close to standard human physiology. The object can be described as an artisan faceless mask made of opaque, non-reflective, dark tinted glass. It is composed of agglutinate particles, volcanic spherules, specks of metallic iron and several other components that have not been identified by any test or instrument within the Foundation facilities. XXXX general composition is similar to that commonly found within the lunar dust.

During the 14 days correspondent to the new moon and first quarter moon cycle, XXXX resonates at infrasonic frequencies through, what has been observed as, molecular vibrations. Its range starts from 1-meter radius and keeps increasing to a max of 5-meters radius. This period has been designated as Phase 1. During the continuing 7 days of the full moon cycle, XXXX's infrasonic resonance triple its output and its range up to an 8-meters radius at all times. This period has been designated as Phase 2. During the third quarter cycle, the infrasonic emissions and the area of influence enter a gradual declining behavior until initial parameters have been reached. This period has been designated as Phase 3. Its activity cycle is then renewed. For more details of XXXX's phasing cycle, see addendum XXXX-C.

After [DATA EXPUNGED] recorded and observed (see addendum XXXX-A), XXXX-02 demonstrated clear awareness and sapient behavior. Furthermore, it is theorized that XXXX-02 shared some sort of hive mind or common communication network that functions through the infrasonic emissions each instance of XXXX-02 is constantly producing.

For more detailed information, see addendum XXXX-02.

Addendum XXXX-A: [Timeline]

Event 00: XXXX is discovered. Point of Origin is [DATA EXPUNGED]

Event 01: Initial assessment of XXXX is undertaken. Results are [DATA EXPUNGED]




Event 05: XXXX is successfully contained.

Event 06: XXXX is moved to Site-179.

Event 07: Mobile Task Force Nu-7 is deployed.


Event 09: 18 instances of XXXX-02 are terminated. XXXX is contained.

Event 10: XXXX is moved to Site-117.

Addendum XXXX-B: [Test Log]


Addendum XXXX-C: [Phase Cycle]

During Phase-01, any human within XXXX area of effect (XXXX-01), while not noticing anything different or anomalous during the interaction, once outside its sphere of influence will show various symptoms which vary from subject to subject in order and intensity of manifestation. Among the recorded symptoms the following have been noted as common manifestation among all inflected by XXXX's influence: increasing sensation of being under vigilance, imagined or otherwise, and paranoia. Sleep deprivation. Reduced appetite. Increasing aggressive and abrasive behavior. Ability to point out the general direction where XXXX is located, despite being blindfolded and separated by various walls and obstacles of diverse make and structure. An unusual amount of interest in XXXX. Hallucinations during non-sleeping hours of varied context, though each one involving the subject wearing XXXX.

In the event of XXXX-01 able being to get in direct contact with XXXX, or at least within its range of influence during the last 3 hours of Phase-01, XXXX-01 will attend to forcefully obtain XXXX and wear it as a mask. If unsuccessful, any instances of XXXX-01 will enter a short rampage state and will focus on the destruction of surrounding property and/or harming of living beings, human or animal, with a duration of no more than 24 hours, after which XXXX-01 will enter a lethargy state and will cease all movement. During the lethargy state, the subject should be contained and put under observation as described in its special containing procedures protocol.

If successful, XXXX-01 will undergo a rapid metamorphosis phase, transforming into an entity designated XXXX-02. Said metamorphosis will occurring when XXXX-01 puts on XXXX, at which point a cocoon made of blue translucent glass will encompass the subjects for a period between 2 and 6 nanoseconds. This transition has been designated as Chrysalis Phase or XXXX-CP. The crystal cocoon will shatter in a cloud of glass dust, which will be under the control of XXXX-02 and used as a weapon (for more information, see addendum XXXX-A).

XXXX-02 will then emit infrasonic sound waves, of similar nature and behavior observed during Phase-02. Any material composes of, or have in its structure, silicon-based components within the range of XXXX-02 sound emissions will turn into a crystalized version of itself and then detonate into glass powder shards damaging its surrounding area and adding material to the glass powder cloud under XXXX-02 control.

XXXX-02 will then continue its behavior until termination. Ultrasonic waves played 180 degrees out of phase from XXXX’S emissions are extremely effective. It is authorized the unrestricted use of Experimental Synthetic Acoustic Focused Impact Weaponry (E.S.A.F.I.W., aka “Screamers”).

During Phase-02, any personnel within XXXX’s range will immediately manifest an instance of XXXX, which has been described by witnesses personnel as “growing from their faces”, and then will transition to the XXXX-CP and XXXX-02 instances in a period of no more than 2 nanoseconds. The new instances will then behave as previously observed till termination.

Addendum XXXX-D: [Transfer Proposal]


After a careful review of laboratory procedures, test footage, and personnel records associated with XXXX, I propose its relocation to Lunar Area-32, Sub-Level 1 - Anomalous Item Storage.

This proposal is based upon the results of [DATA EXPUNGED] that correlates with XXXX structure and behavior in relation to the moon. Revision of containment procedures should be scheduled and implement as soon as circumstances allow it, taking into consideration the next full moon cycle as a deadline for any procedure decided upon.

Dr. Charles Anborough