The Night Bug
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SCP 6003: The Night Bug

Item #: SCP-6003

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: The Insectoid is to be contained in a glass tube that is 9 feet in height, and 4 feet in width and length. The light that projects over the entity is to be on at all times. Failure to keep lights on will result in a contamination breach. All personnel assigned to SCP-6003 are to determine whether the entity is allowed to freely roam its containment chamber for feeding/testing. The Head Researcher in charge of SCP-6003 will deny or grant permission. If granted, SCP-6003 is to be moved from its glass tube to the containment chamber. Which is 20 feet in length and width, and 30 feet in height. Any mammal under the livestock category are to be put into the chamber for feeding. Any D-class Personnel that oppose a threat to the foundations secrecy are granted to be fed to SCP-6003. After the prey is in the containment chamber, all doors should close immediately. After all doors are closed, The lights must be turned off until it is complete darkness. All windows looking into the chamber should be closed off. Night vision or Thermal detection cameras are mandatory. After feeding SCP-6003 is granted complete, all lights in the chamber are to be turned back on. The windows door can open up for viewing. After the entity has been moved back into its glass tube, Janitorial or the cleaning crew can start cleaning the chamber. If denied for the entity to freely roam the chamber, an IV drip containing blood, spinal fluid, and fat fluid are to be fed to the entity orally.

Description: SCP-6003 is an insectoid creature of unknown origin. Its height measures at 8 and 1/2 feet when fully erect. Its diet consists of any living organism ranging from small domesticated pets, to full grown adult cows. The creature is inanimate when exposed to a fully lit room, Showing no signs of respiratory functions. When there is no light present, SCP-6003's eyes will illuminate red and become active. When there is a living organism in its presence, SCP-6003 will use praying mantis tactics to kill its prey. When there is no life present, the insectoid will start flying around the room and land on the walls and ceiling; Showing similar behavior to a Dragonfly. When the room becomes fully lit, the entity will become inanimate and remain in position.

Addendum: SCP-6003 was captured in 2004 after a police rescue mission attempt in Port Canaveral Florida. Instances of missing children and house pets were reported to the sheriffs office. Law enforcement discovered a lair in the sewer system that connected to the cruise ship terminals. After entry, the officers found the lair deep in the sewer system where there were no signs of light. Shortly after, the entity began attacking five out of the six officers assigned. All five officers that were attacked were killed and consumed by the entity. The sixth one managed to escape and report back to the station. After the 6003-1 incident, The SCP Foundation took matters into their own hands and sent a task force to apprehend and capture the insectoid. With firearm and flashlights, The entity was captured; and all of the missing children were reported dead.

Testing SCP-6003 against another SCP was ordered by the Head Researcher in charge of the insectoid, with given permission by the O5 Council.

Test 1: The First test with SCP-6003 was to put the entity in a room filled with SCP-538 (Shadow Spiders). Thermal/Camera Feed shows that a gigantic majority of the spiders crawled onto SCP-6003. But the insectoid sustained no affects given from SCP-538, and it kept flying around the room. All spiders that were on the entity fell off and died, but observation shows that the insectoid remained in motion while constantly bitten. After all the lights were turned back on, all remaining spiders that were alive were captured and put back into their containment cell; While SCP-6003 was put back in its glass tube.

Test 2: The Second test with SCP-6003 turned out to be an unexpected failure. SCP-035 (The Possessive Mask) was put on SCP-6003 during its inanimate state while all lights in the chamber were on. After the mask was put on the entity, everything was all set for the lights to be turned off. After the lights in the chamber turned off, the insectoid reanimated. But the mask fell off the entity and turned into a tragedy mask. It was reported that the insectoid proceeds to observe the mask, Later the insectoid flies away from it and lands on the ceiling. Until all lights in the chamber were turned back on and both SCP's were recovered and brought back to their containment cell.

There has only been one case of a containment breach regarding SCP-6003.

SCP-079 interfered the lighting system in site 17, where the insectoid was being held at the time. While saying "There are worst things to fear in the dark" in the intercom of the facility. SCP-6003 proceeds to break out of its glass tube, killing all researchers assigned to the insectoid and 14 on-site personnel. Then the system on site 17 rebooted and personnel on site regained control of the facility, turning every light back on into the facility. Returning the insectoid to its inanimate state, So all remaining personnel recaptured the insectoid into a new tube and relocated it to a different site. Since then, SCP-6003 is to never be kept in the same facility as SCP-079.


Witness Report 1:

Dr. █ ██ ███ "Could you describe the entity that tried attacking you?"

Witness "it all happened so abruptly, i was too scared to think of it. But it seemed very familiar looking, and in a horrifying way…"

Dr.█ ██ ███ "How did it look familiar to you?"

Witness "It looked like that Alien thing from that old Disney World ride, I don't know what was called but it shut down."

Dr.█ ██ ███ "Which theme park was this ride located in?"

Witness "I think it was in Magic Kingdom, i remember them talking about a scary alien ride over there."

Witness was given amnestics and false memories

Contact From The Walt Disney Company:

When foundation personnel contacted the Walt Disney company after previous disagreements regarding containment of SCP-3387, This is what they sent personnel in a personalized email.

The information regarding that alien creature is something way beyond our thinking, we had to close that attraction down due to controversial reasons and timing. The alien animatronic was reported by our security the following night after the attractions last day open to the public. The animatronic was said to have broke out of its show building and flew away from the park. We had no idea that it flew all the way to Port Canaveral near our Cruise Ship Terminals. We are happily relieved that you have contained such a horrifying thing.

-Best Regards, The Walt Disney Company

It is Unknown if SCP-6003 is the animatronic from the defunct attraction, or something that is out of knowledge of SCP-343 (God). When asked about SCP-6003 to SCP-343, he had a look of concern and stated…

This is something that man created, but something out of this universe animated that creature to life using pure darkness as its energy

Foundation have since then started looking for the original creator of the animatronic. But contact has been proven pointless after many attempts have lead to unclear answers or pure denial of that attraction existing. It is still unknown why this figure animates and violently attacks any living organism in complete darkness.