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The documentation for this article is outdated and is for reference material only. As such, there may be discrepancies in the documentation. Please see Project Sepulchre Recovered Files for more information. Expungements contain classified data unsafe for leakage.

Item #: SCP-3455

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3455 is contained in Site-120, Keter Containment Wing, Containment Unit 3. Four Scranton Reality Anchors are placed surrounding SCP-3455, creating a focal point with a geometric center on the subject. SCP-3455 remains restrained to a psychiatric table constructed of reality-stable materials. Kant scanners are monitored in shifts, noting that Hume levels fluctuate most often during waking hours. Psychiatric evaluations are conducted bi-weekly. While the subject has remained compliant during detainment, personnel are to understand that SCP-3455 will experience acute psychological deterioration due to its anomalous effects. No testing or documentation regarding SCP-3455 is allowed in Detainment Unit 3; all records are to be taken externally.

Update: 12/17/82: If the subject initiates a CK-Class Restructuring Scenario, the Einstein-Rosen Singularity generator1 placed in Containment Unit 3 will be activated, accept SCP-3455 into the singularity, and be deactivated. The frequency used will then be blacklisted from Foundation records and use. See Addendum for more information.


Description: SCP-3455 is the designation of Jesse R. Mantell, a Level 5 researcher previously assigned to the testing of the device designated the "Scranton-Locke Reality Generator", previously assigned the codename Project Sepulchre2. Kant readings taken of SCP-3455 are uncertain due to the nature of its properties- however, it is believed to have, on average, a total of at least 800, ranking the highest measured Hume levels within an ontokinetic entity.

SCP-3455 has been thus far compliant in containment procedures and testing, assumed to be due to its former employment. SCP-3455's reality bending abilities are incredibly effective- because of this and incompetence, SCP-3455 is unable to control its abilities properly. SCP-3455 often enters an intangible or supertangible state, primarily during heightened levels of stress, and cannot be feasibly terminated as a result.


Kant scanner readouts, Left taken on 12/10/82, right on 12/17/82

Addendum: As of 12/17/82, data recorded suggests that SCP-3455 has begun to exponentially increase its Hume value. This would suggest the possibility of a CK-Class Reconstruction Scenario event, resulting in both the death of SCP-3455, the destruction of the surrounding facility, and an estimated 478% rise in Hume levels surrounding the local solar system.


To: Group: Keter Containment Wing, Site-120

Subject: SCP-3455

Please, do not assume we are relegating SCP-3455 to the gallows. We have been working diligently to decrease the Hume levels of SCP-3455. It is in all of our best interests that SCP-3455's anomalous behavior reduces, especially as they have previously been very beneficial to the Foundation. Mantell was one of our best and brightest. We do not plan to give him up.

-Dr. Kennedy

Project Sepulchre Associated Files

Incident Report 12/01/82 - Recovery Log

Incident Report 01/15/83 - Decommissioning Log

Ethics Committee Disciplinary Meeting 01/10/83

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