32nd of March
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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Orchian1

Special Containment Procedures: Standard Foundation operating procedures are to be maintained during SCP-XXXX so far as is possible. Foundation personnel acting in manners directly contrary to the goals of the Foundation during SCP-XXXX are to be severely reprimanded following its conclusion.

Prior to the conclusion of SCP-XXXX, all critical data is to be backed up at a temporally isolated storage site.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a temporal anomaly that subverts the linear flow of time, occurring annually at 00:00 GMT on March 17th. At the initiation of SCP-XXXX all affected humans will immediately regain all memories they had during the previous iteration of SCP-XXXX, which typically includes knowledge of SCP-XXXX and its nature.

SCP-XXXX lasts for exactly 47 days, concluding at 23:59 GMT on May 3rd. Following its conclusion, time reverts back to the point that it initially started; any changes made during SCP-XXXX are removed from causality and all knowledge acquired is lost. Time then progresses normally until the beginning of the next iteration.

Human behaviour changes significantly during SCP-XXXX; this is not believed to be related to the anomaly itself, but rather a consequence of the regained knowledge from previous iterations of the anomaly and the general cultural perception of the time encompassed by SCP-XXXX being consequence-free. Rates of both murder and suicide increase significantly, along with wide-scale property destruction, public displays of sexual activity and a general increase in nihilistic beliefs. SCP-XXXX has been widely designated as an extra month in the calendar named Liberary amongst the civilian population.2

Incidence rates of anomalous activity increase far beyond baseline during SCP-XXXX. Containment of new anomalies during this time is complicated by the general public awareness of anomalous activity and of the Foundation itself. Despite this, all Foundation personnel are to maintain standard operation during SCP-XXXX.

The first SCP-XXXX event is believed to have occurred in 1976, though the baseline Foundation did not become aware of it until 1987, when the technology to temporally isolate data from the timestream was developed. Research into the cause of SCP-XXXX is ongoing, though it is to be noted that should the cause be discovered it is vital that its effects are preserved; SCP-XXXX failing to correctly reset at the end of an iteration would cause irreparable damage to normalcy.