Moth Girl

Item #: SCP-1211316-2-J

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1211316-2-J needs to be in cell at least three times the size of her own size. There must be a source of light in her cell on at all times. If the light is off when it is day time, she will get very aggressive to herself. Besides that, SCP-1211316-2-J needs nothing special in her cell.

Description: SCP-1211316-2-J is a humanoid moth with female features. She has antennae that work like a moth's antennae, they "I used to be human, but I like my moth body. It has it's perks." SCP1211316-2-J said in an interview. She has very pale skin. SCP-1211316-2-J always likes to wear sweaters. SCP-1211316-2-J loves to wrap her wings around her body to keep warm. SCP-1211316-2-J needs to be warm at all times.

SCP-1211316-2-J drawing below (according to a Japanese artist who claims he has seen her)


SCP-1211316-2-J has a second form. kind of. SCP-1211316-2-J looks like a tall female silhouette of a female with glowing white eyes, wings, and long claw-like fingers.

SCP-1211316-2-J Shadow Form (according to artist that works for the foundation)