Moth Man

Item #: SCP-1211316-J

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1211316-J need to be put in a normal cell that is reasonable for his size but there must be no window. There must be a camera in the top of every corner and there must be a lamp in the room that isn't too dim or bright SCP-1211316-J doesn't need any special containment procedures at the time and probably never will.

Description: SCP-1211316-J looks like a humanoid with a male body shape. SCP-1211316-J has no facial features besides big red eyes that glow. SCP-1211316-J has wings that sprout from it's arms. It also has pincers at the edge of it's arms, much like a moth that has pincers at the edge of it's legs.


SCP-1211316-J has been sighted many times in the United States of America. Many claim SCP-1211316-J is fake but they are wrong. People have recently been seeing SCP-1211316-J in ███-████ recently. SCP-1211316's location shall not be revealed because before 20██ SCP-1211316-J never hurt anyone. All it did was try to scare people but on ██-██-20██ SCP-1211316-J flew into somebody's car and it was able to ███ ████ █████ ████. They had massive injuries but survived. That is what made SCP-1211316-J Euclid. it is now only being checked on by Class-D personnel every once in a while. SCP-1211316-J will most likely become Safe soon SCP-1211316-J is now recovering from the incident and now it's object class is safe