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Item #: SCP-2058

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2058 is to be kept in a specialized memetic suppressant cell with SCP-2058 hosted on the ornate pedestal on which it was found. Walls must be 50 centimetres thick to minimise the effects of SCP-2058. Handling and observing of SCP-2058 is restricted to personnel with Level 3 security clearance and cognitive resistance training in the event of testing. No more than 1 person entering SCP-2058’s cell unless in the event of special testing. All personnel must evacuate 50 metres from SCP-2058 when SCP-2058’s cell is opened. No more than 1 surveillance cameras. Viewers of surveillance must be switched out every 4 hours. Guards must be on watch of SCP-2058 to deter personnel of SCP-2058’s influence, and switched out every 4 hours. All personnel that are switched out after any amount of time must be assigned psychiatric care, in the event the subject is under signs of extreme mental distress, they are to be administered a Class-D amnestic. Any personnel that are exposed to SCP-2058 in inside the cell after 10 minutes must be detained and given Class-D amnestics.

Description: SCP-2058 is a large hardcover black book made of an unknown material which seems like a form of [REDACTED] measuring 0.5 meters by 0.2 meters with unknown green symbol on the front which emits green glowing light every time anyone is in 3 meters of SCP-2058. SCP-2058 im was found in a ███████ in ██████████████. SCP-2058 is of unknown origin which shows signs of very strong mind-altering effects described as a growing desire to find what SCP-2058 holds inside. When SCP-2058 is opened, a black void appears in the middle of SCP-2058 and tendrils proceed to pull the subject into an unknown dimension (See test log below for description by subjects).

Prior to containment, tests have shown that SCP-2058’s total area of influence is about 100 metres.The first effect of strong desire occurs when anyone enters the large vicinity of SCP-2058 which is measured to be about 25 metres when effects are noticeable. Within about 0.5 metres inside of SCP-2058’s cell the second stage occurs. A strong desire overwhelms anyone in vicinity of SCP-2058 to open SCP-2058. The effect increases exponentially as one gets closer to SCP-2058 and is said by most to be indescribably powerful. Most by this point were immediately detained and pulled out of SCP-2058’s cell.

All subjects that entered the vicinity of SCP-2058 have all exhibited psychotic behaviour that includes mumbling about the importance they acquire a “knowledge”. The closer one is to SCP-2058 the longer the effects will last on said person, so far studies show that those that were tested effects lasted from 10 minutes to 10 days based on proximity to SCP-2058. The effects continue to urge anyone to open SCP-2058. Subjects that have stood directly in front of SCP-2058 reported seeing what only can be described as black translucent shadows emerging from the pages of SCP-2058. As anyone getting closer to SCP-2058 a sound emitting from SCP-2058, which can only be described as a deep and slow heartbeat, will get louder and louder.

Addendum 2058-1: There have been several trials to attempt to open SCP-2058. There were originally 12 total trials. Out of the 12, 2 were unintentional and were caused by SCP-2058’s mind-altering effects. Video surveillance feed shows the attempts of opening SCP-2058. When a subject succumbs to the effects of SCP-2058, they will proceed to open the book. When SCP-2058 is opened subjects have described contents to be in an unknown language which can be studied, however when photos have been taken to view the contents, the effects of SCP-2058 occurs at an alarming rate, because of this the contents can only be studied for 10 minutes at a time. To this day, scientists have not deciphered the language written in SCP-2058. Once SCP-2058 is opened, it cannot be closed. Once opened, the text glows green and a black void appears in the middle of the unknown text in which tendrils wrap the subject and proceed to pull he subject into the void, and SCP-2058 proceeds to close.

Addendum 2058-2: The first 2 subjects had class C clearance and both successfully entered SCP-2058. After the incident, both of these subjects did not return after entering SCP-2058. From there forward, only Class-D personnel were permitted to enter SCP-2058. There were a total of 12 trials, counting those that were unintentional. Only 2 out of 10 intentional trials returned. 1 other returned after very long exposure inside SCP-2058, however they were driven insane and could not communicate properly and always kept mumbling about “knowledge” to themselves. The 2 that were sane enough, were severely wounded with multiple lacerations everywhere on the body.

Their description of the inside of SCP-2058 is horrifying, the subjects describe it as a another [REDACTED]. Effects of SCP-2058 are still very active inside. The only exception is the subjects report hearing a voice call out to them say, “Many who come here seeking forbidden knowledge remain forever.” Both subjects showed an urge to find something and they said after the effects were gone they were searching for forbidden knowledge, it was all they could think about. Subject reports say its environment is filled with hidden and forbidden knowledge, and dangerous to the unwary. This infinite plane of reality is dominated by an endless, roiling sea of toxic green liquid, where giant oily tentacles slither and writhe about the waves, whipping at anyone who gets too close. What little solid ground there is consists of several archipelagos and cathedral-like buildings composed of heavily weathered stone, connected by constantly-shifting bridges built of greasy black metal. Several bridges and hallways even move on their own, stretching and bending like tentacles to render other areas accessible or hinder intruders.

The most prominent feature of this plane, however, is the overwhelming abundance of books that make up what looks like a library. Giant stacks of reading material break the surface of the poisonous sea, numerous shelves that line the halls and walls are literally crammed to bursting with ancient scrolls and smouldering journals, heaps of books and papers litter the floors, and even entire buildings are constructed from twisting stacks of books. These books are protected and maintained by [REDACTED] dressed in black robes and face consisting of tentacles that stick out and attacked the subjects by mangling them with their tendril like arms. It seems they act as the principle security force in this realm. We are unsure if these entities can escape SCP-2058. The sky is defined by a hazy green cloud cover with a huge swirling void in the center. There are various places in the sky where what appears to be a portal is open and the ever-present tentacles are sprouting out. Subjects reported to be able to escape via the same black book which is at the enterance from where they came out of.

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