I’m not exactly sure how one of these work.

Seems to me like you need to have some certain kind of training to write one, I couldn’t find any guide though. I’m not going to pretend I understand all the terminology you tend to throw around, but, I have read quite a few, so I think I get the gist of what you need to know.

My name Fred Hart, I’m believe I’m what you would call an SCP.

I’m 6’2, 154 pounds last time I checked, got curly brown hair, blueish eyes, I don’t remember how old I am, I was never really sure about that to be honest.

As far as containment goes, I’d rather not be locked in a room if it was all the same. I don’t think it would help much, either way.

I guess I should start explaining myself then.

See I’ve got a condition. It started slow, back when I was a kid. Used to just think my parents preferred my older brother Billy over me. They did everything for Billy. They got him presents, new clothes, signed him up for sports, took him to movies. I never got none of that. I never really got birthdays, or Christmas, or anything. I used it to think that it was just them, that they didn’t love me, but soon it started happening in school too. No-one would talk to me, or pick me for things, not even the adults. I never got bullied, mind you, they were never mean, but everyone just left me alone.

That kind of situation has bad effects on a child’s self-esteem, I’m sure you can imagine. I just started to hate everybody, because, well, I thought they hated me. I’d hurt people, or break stuff sometimes. I acted up a lot is my point. No matter what I did though, no one ever paid me much mind.

It was around when I had to start making my own meals that I began to piece together there was something really wrong. I had to be different. People seemed to forget I was there entirely. My own family, when they would give me some attention, couldn’t even remember my name. It was like I was a stranger. I was young, very young I think, but I wasn’t stupid. I knew that wasn’t normal.

Soon it got so bad that could walk into random homes, take whatever I wanted, do whatever I wanted. At first, they’d get mad, but in just a few minutes, they would forget it. Well they would forget me, they still were worried about things I’d do, but they didn’t seem to realize it was me that did them.

I won’t lie, there’s no point in it really, I did bad things as it got worse, I did bad things for a long time. Horrible things, hell every horrible thing. It’s hard for someone to control themselves when they’re so lonely. I would do anything to get attention or acknowledgement, none of it ever worked though.

No one can see me, or hear me, or feel me.

I think the word for it is an anti-meme, at least that’s what I’ve read. I believe that’s what it is I’ve got, an anti-meme.

See it's hard to hide from someone that you can't see. That's why I found you people. I was looking everywhere for answers, and one day I stumbled upon the kind of things people aren't supposed to see. Then I watched as men came and took those things away, and so I followed those men, and I found your jails. Even with all your security and your knowledge, I don't think any of you can see me either. Maybe once, but I don't think anymore.

The other ones don't see me either. At least, not from my experience. I haven't gotten the nerve to test it on the really weird ones, but I've had a few run ins already.

Discovering that I'm not the only unique thing in the world, that made me feel better, but I don't know why. Knowing I wasn't the only one maybe. Or at least, I wasn't the scariest one.

I was very fascinated though, by your collection. I read about as many of the as I can. I don't always understand the way you write though, especially the high level ones. It's not hard for me to steal what I need to read those, and I don't think the special kind of security you've got works on me. I think I know more about this place than the people that work here.

I said I wouldn't lie, so I won't. I've caused accidents, and sometimes those killed people. They were just accidents though, I grew out of being malicious a long time ago. I think finding this place helped with that. Still, I apologize.

Over time, experimenting here, I've learned the rules of my condition, since I think you'd like to know them: