Mr. Discipline
Item#: 6018
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
Disruption Class:
Risk Class:

Special Containment Procedures: Every Middle and High school has a procedure to follow that ensures the safety of every student, and must be followed in the event that SCP-6018 spawns. As long as SCP-6018 is allowed to do its trip and every student is in a classroom during its trip, then there will be no casualties.

Description: SCP-6018 is an entity that randomly appears in multiple Middle and High schools across the world, and takes on the form of the fictional character Ignited Springtrap.

During the school day, SCP-6018 randomly appears at least once a month, although there have been months where SCP-6018 never appears. Once it appears, it slowly paces the outer halls of the school and checking any major rooms, like the gym and the main and counselor's offices. Then, it works its way through the school until it gets to the cafeteria, at which point it will [REDACTED] and then vanish. If it spots any students within the halls after passing time during this trip, SCP-6018 will make a mad dash towards the student and punch them in the face, making footsteps loud enough people near SCP-6018 will hear. SCP-6018's speed is half of a cheetah's. It will stop its pursuit if the student enters a classroom. The punch does not kill the student, but it does knock them out for a while, usually waking up the next day or so. SCP-6018 has not been seen actually entering classrooms or faculty rooms, only glancing through them. SCP-6018 will also not attack any elementary age kids or younger if they happen to be in the school. It will also not attack any elderly people, and will allow them to continue on their way before continuing its trip.

Attempting to fight SCP-6018 will result in the attacker getting one of their legs snapped. This only applies to those that are not students, teachers, and elderly people at the school. So far, there is no way to contain SCP-6018.

Addendum 6018-01: SCP-6018 was first spotted at [REDACTED]. There were 20 casualties.

Addendum 6018-02: SCP-6018 appeared at [REDACTED]. There were 17 casualties.

Addendum 6018-03: SCP-6001 sent a sheet of paper to Site-19 that said "It doesn't like students still in the halls during passing time."

Addendum 6018-04: SCP-6018 appeared at [REDACTED]. Following what SCP-6001 said, every student was put into classrooms. There were 0 casualties.