Mr Gehz

weird idea;
"sticky rune" or "understanding"

Strange rune. Unknown origin.

When viewed, most subjects regard it as unimportant and continue through their daily life until they remember it (this may even take years). They feel a faint compulsion to draw it to "help them think" (most common excuse), then they begin phase 2.

At this stage victims gradually lose ability to speak, and start drawing the symbol around their normal whereabouts.
They start drawing the symbol in places where more people are likely to view it, eventually going out of their way to show close friends and/or family and finally random individuals.
Rate of drawing is inversely proportional to the victims' ability to communicate, up to the point where infected are unable to express themselves complexly, only in short sentences/ expressions.
Despite this, subjects show heightened interest in social interaction, including people who were previously antisocial or presented mental disorders which made them harder to "relate" to. Symptoms of these disorders strt disapearing.

Note that individuals who were previously impeded in the ability to communicate and/or recieve information (physical or otherwise) present symptoms at a faster rate, the speed of which is directly proportional to the degree to which they are impeded.
Individuals with impaired or absent vision seem to have no problem viewing the rune. In fact, they present different symptoms which develop only if there are other infected in the vicinity.

Physical ability and sensitivity to stimulus is heightened in all cases except those with impaired vision. These develop intelligence, and their physical ability degenerates.

When two or more infected in stage 2 interact and exchange symbols, they enter stage 3. At this stage, they inmediately lose all ability to communicate with non-stage 3 individuals. Subjects which have recently reached stage 3 abandon their residences as fast and untraceably as possible to gather and wonder the world, avoin¡ding places with high social activity. If there is a stage 3 trapped or restrained, it will be broken out by other members upon taking notice.