Mr. Nightmare

Item #: SCP-198-J

Object Class: Apollyon Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-198-J needs to be in a cell that is made of titanium or stronger and has to be eight feet thick so SCP-198-J can't pass through. If put into a cell with less than eight feet thick of titanium (or stronger) SCP-198-J will be able to easily breach. If any personnel needs to communicate with SCP-198-J They must wear a suit to protect there skin. If any skin comes in contact with SCP-198-J, your body with turn pitch black and you will die instantly.

Description: SCP-198-J is a tall shadow with long fingers and a skinny body shape. If close enough, you can see slight humanoid details like ribs.


SCP-198-J is to be kept alone in his cell (unless in an interview). SCP-198-J shall never be put near another SCP. SCP-999 was put with SCP-198-J and SCP-999 wasn't able to cheer up SCP-198-J. If SCP-198-J shall never be able to see these SCPs again due to issues when they met:


Dr. Bright is not allowed to come into contanc to SCP-198-J after he used SCP-1211316-2-J to try to seduce SCP-198-J. Not much happened with SCP-198-J and the facility besides the time time SCP-198-J was able to ████ ██ personnel and help SCP-███ and SCP-████ breach containment. Some our scientists have tried to learn more about SCP-198-J by interviewing it. Here is how some of the interviews went

Dr. ████: Do you have a purpose? Do you have any main goals or something?
SCP-198-J: Yes.
Dr. ████: What do you want to do?
SCP-198-J: Sometimes the truth hurts doesn't it?
Dr. ████: *silence*

SCP-198-J is still very strange and his actions have gotten weirder and more dangerous by 1-9-2019. SCP-198-J is now under close watch. SCP-198-J is up to something that will change the facility forever. Right now nobody is allowed to enter SCP-198-J's cell at any time.