Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: A foundation server has been setup to attracted and house instances of SCP-XXXX. Instances of SCP-XXXX is to be frequently scanned for any sensitive, dangerous, or useful information. Should any cognitohazard be discovered by foundation scans the address is to be disconnected till a benign facsimile can be produced to replace it. All members and frequent visitors are to be tracked and lightly monitored till six months after their last contact with any SCP-XXXX instances. Due to the obscurity of a source, and fictitious nature of most instances, SCP-XXXX has been permitted to remain open to public viewing. Should public source of SCP-XXXX be discovered and contained the foundation server it to be taken offline, SCP-0 virus is to be used to purge the internet of all traces, and all members are to be taken in for amnestic treatment and their PCs scrubbed

Description: SCP-XXXX is a large number of articles about contained anomalies and The Organization that house them. Approximately 27.45% of instances of SCP-XXXX seem to directly correlate to actual documents listed in Foundation archives. There are some indications that the remainder of the articles could relate to either future documents or documents from extradimensional copies of the Foundation.

Failed Containment attempts

The following interview took place after [blacked out name] was tracked back to his home in [redacted] and taken in for questioning.
Dr.: Greeting[blacked out name]
[blacked out name]: What is going on who are you people, why was I taken?
Dr.: You have been brought here to discuss your involvement in the article SCP-XXXX,
[blacked out name]:My SCP? It's an idea I had for a website I've been following, what does it have to do with this?
Dr.: Where did you learn about SCP-XXXX?
[blacked out name]: What, learn about? I wrote it myself, I've been reading the website for a few years and I thought I would give it a try. Wait, is The Organization real?
Dr.: At this point are you working on any more SCPs?
[blacked out name]: Am I an SCP now? Am I going to be locked up?
Dr.: Please answer the question, at this point are you working on any more SCPs?
[blacked out name]: No not at the moment, wait there is nothing weird about me, have I been recruited into D-class?
Dr.: Thank you for your cooperation someone will be with you shortly I would recommend you rethink your answers, this is a very serious matter.
[end of interview]
After twelve hours of further interrogation [blacked out name] was treated with a class A amnestic and released with the cover story of a sever case of food poisoning requiring hospitalization.

Additional Notes:scp-xxxx-xxxx is The article on the Organization website that directly relates to this document was discovered at The article has nearly copied this document verbatim with few exceptions most notably the Foundation has been replaced with the Organization, the Organization has been replaced with the Society and there is one reference to the Conglomerate.