Item #: SCP-1

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: While there is no known way of containing SCP-1 at this time, Protocol 1-02 is to be enacted with the goal of studying SCP-1-1 instances and testing their containment methods on a larger scale.

Description: SCP-1 can best be described as an expansion of indeterminate size, shape, dimension, origin, and otherwise appearance1. The closest point on SCP-1 in relation with the Sun is believed to be 456,132 light-years away2. In all areas currently observed, SCP-1 is expanding at 1,003.86c, implying that SCP-1 will have expanded to the location of the Sun in approximately 456 years.

SCP-1 is not a spacetime anomaly, as it does not exhibit any gravitation push or pull. SCP-1 is not a reality-altering anomaly, as Hume readings render consistent with surrounding empty space. SCP-1 cannot currently be deemed a physical anomaly, as it does not have any visible characteristics implying that it is an object. SCP-1 itself cannot be observed, as all known forms of energy do not interact with it, and thus cannot reflect or emit from SCP-1 and be rendered by any known device.

When SCP-1 comes in contact with matter, the matter dissipates. If the matter is destroyed or otherwise altered is currently unknown.

I feel this is where I should come in. There's more to to be said in-description, but there's much, much more to be said out of it.

So, something that can end the world, huh? We have a bunch of those already, don't we? What makes this so special? Why is there a single digit in this thing's item number? What is SCP-1-1? And if you're really paying attention, the protocol mentioned in the containment procedures is the second protocol enacted; What is Protocol 1-01? I'll tell you.

From what we can tell, SCP-1 has a property that effects all parts of our universe. Specifically, it creates a certain something at random points in space at random intervals: SCP-1-1 instances. SCP-1-1 are pretty much just as confusing; we don't know their shape or dimension, we can't see them, they have no gravity, they don't alter reality, but their size is finite3. Some are only centimeters long, some are many kilometers, some even farther out are larger than our own Sun, and so on, reaching greater sizes and normality as you get closer to SCP-1.

The behavior of each instance otherwise varies, and is unpredictable.

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Michael Stevens at Vidcon 2016

Item #: SCP-3961

Object Class: Safe Neutralized

Threat Level: Green N/A

Special Containment Procedures: Michael Stevens is to be continually monitored for anomalous behaviors. See Addendum 2 for more details.

Description: SCP-3961 was online YouTube producer Michael Stevens, from 05/02/2020 to 05/08/2020.

For the duration of its existence, SCP-3961 repeatedly vocalized the phrase "prime numbers" at a constant rate. SCP-3961 was capable of doing this without need for sustenance or sleep while still maintaining healthy anatomical functionality.

SCP-3961, while capable of doing so4, did not ever voluntarily walk, run, or otherwise incredibly move its body.

Discovery: SCP-3961 was first discovered on June 6th, 2018 at Michael Steven's home in Inglewood, California. Prior to discovery, Michael Stevens had not been sighted for over 32 hours. Foundation forces were alerted soon after discovery by local police.

Upon recovery, SCP-3961 was standing in the kitchen holding an empty metal can branded under the Bush's® Beans company. It is currently believed that a hypothetical SCP-3961-1 was at play5, being an anomalous gas held within the can prior to its opening. SCP-3961-1, if existent, is believed to be responsible for Michael Steven's transformation into SCP-3961.

Addendum 1: SCP-3961-1, if existent, is believed to have been produced by the notable parapharmacologist/PoI known as "dado", in association with four members of GoI-5869 ("Gamers Against Weed"). Below are several sub-addenda detailing the interactions between "dado" and GaW, recovered by Foundation webcrawlers capable of surveying the communications in progress.