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Item #: SCP-5815

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-5815 is to be contained in a cell inside a room with adequate room to move in. It needs a door that traverses down into the floor so that it can't escape into its dimension. For it to get into containment, we strap a test subject to a seat in the middle of the containment chamber. Once SCP-5815 fully has its attention on the test subject, we shut the door and lock it.

Description: SCP-5815 is a tall black figure, approximately 7 ft tall. It doesn't have eyes or a nose, but it has a mouth with very pointy teeth. However, it can steal other people's bodies by knocking them out and absorbing their clothes, flesh, blood, and organs until it is just a clean skeleton. At any time, it can turn back into its normal self but has to find another person to steal their identity. They can use this to get people to go into a dimension, what SCP-5815 calls "Elswire." To get people inside, he uses the identity of someone to work with another person. Once its victim fully trusts them, he secretly knocks them out and takes them to the dimension by opening any door. If the door is locked, he will just force the doors open. From what previous victims saw, they woke up in a castle in front of another dark figure, wearing robes and a bone crown, and is known to be called "The King". It will decide if the victims of SCP-5815 are innocent or guilty. If they're innocent, they go back to the place they were previously in. If they are guilty, they either go to prison or become part of the army. If they become part of the army, they are sent to a torture chamber, where SCP-5815-2 instances torture the victim. These torture methods can include suffocation, stabbing, bone-breaking, or even limb decapitation. Once the victim is completely dead, they are sent to the necromancer who wears dark robes with a hood. The necromancer revives the victim and gives them instructions. This makes an SCP-5815-2 instance. They can either guard the king, work with SCP-5815, or torture more victims. SCP-5815-2 instances normally carry swords and shields, sometimes bows, wear metal armor, and are very high in strength. They can still speak, but they can only say what their instructions tell them to say.

Addendum: To interview SCP-5815, it has to have its hands bound in a set of handcuffs that cover its hands. Only one interview happened though.

<Begin Log>

Dr.██████: Can you speak English?

SCP-5815: Yes.

Dr.██████: Good. I'm here to ask you a few questions.

SCP-5815: Ask away.

Dr.██████: What is your name?

SCP-5815: I'd rather not tell.

Dr.██████: That's okay. Where are you really from?

SCP-5815: Elswire.

Dr.██████: The Place that you take people to?

SCP-5815: Yes.

Dr.██████: I'm not familiar with Elswire being on earth. Is it another world?

SCP-5815: I wouldn't say it's another world.

Dr.██████: Okay. Why do you take people to "The King?"

SCP-5815: He knows what's best for them. If he says that someone needs to die, he gives us reasons. They are good reasons.

Dr.██████: Ok. But most of the people you took are innocent.

SCP-5815: They look innocent on the outside.

Dr.██████: How do you know?.

SCP-5815: The king knows, not me.

Dr.██████: Ok.

SCP-5815: Is that all the questions?

Dr.██████: Yes, that's all for today.

<End Log>