The Storm Giant
SCP-XXXX being interviewed by Agent Black, one of the personnel he considers to be a "friend."


Object Class Keter

Special Containment Procedures:
SCP-XXXX is to be contained in a titanium-lined cell with dimensions of 30 foot width, 30 foot length, and 30 foot height at all times. A secondary room of dimensions twice as great is to be constructed around the initial containment cell. Both rooms are to be constructed with airlocks large enough for personnel to enter the containment chamber for feeding/interviewing purposes.
The cell is to be furnished with a toilet, a sofa, a king-sized bed, a coffee table, a television, a lamp, and a bookshelf. SCP-XXXX is to be provided with any books he requests. All furniture is to be custom-made to accommodate an entity of SCP-XXXX's size.
Personnel (no more than two at a time, provided with pressure suits and oxygen tanks) are to enter the outer airlock, which is to be closed behind them immediately. Once the airlock has been pressurized, the secondary doors leading into the containment chamber may be opened. Under no circumstances is SCP-XXXX to be exposed to air while conscious. SCP-XXXX is to be given 1 (one) whole cooked heifer a day, as well as 3 (three) two-gallon pitchers of water per day.

SCP-XXXX is a 15-foot humanoid with skin of light blue hue (similar to that of the vein visible on one's wrist),a muscular build, and a white beard and hair consistent with the hair of the average sixty year old male human. SCP-XXXX speaks English, as well as all other known languages, fluently. The entity seems to enjoy conversation, and is quite friendly to personnel, asking them their names upon contact, and insists that it be referred to as J[][][][][]r. SCP-XXXX does not require oxygen to breath (though it can be incapacitated using certain gases) and is somehow capable of making audible sound in the vacuum of its cell.

Upon contact with air, SCP-XXXX (while conscious) begins to generate wind in a circle around itself. If not cut off from the air within 90 seconds of exposure, these winds will reach speeds exceeding 72 miles per hour, creating a gale tornado. With each 5 minute interval after this point, the intensity phase of SCP-XXXX's personal tornado increases. In addition, the size of SCP-XXXX increases as the storm around it grows. Apparently, the entity's reaction to air is involuntary, and SCP-XXXX itself is unaware of the origin of its condition. SCP-XXXX is appalled by his own destructive nature, and commemorates those he inadvertently kills by cutting tally marks into his skin. At this time, he is responsible for [Redacted] civilian casualties and 15 casualties, and is noticeable covered in tally marks.

While not openly hostile to the Foundation, SCP-XXXX has expressed numerous times its dislike for being imprisoned, and loathes isolation. If not allowed to interact with personnel for extended periods of time, SCP-XXXX will exhibit erratic behavior brought on by involuntary bouts of insanity. Such episodes have X stages, and if not treated before Stage X is reached, an episode will likely end in a containment breach.

Stage 1: The subject sits down on the floor of its cell and begins to weep uncontrollably.
Stage 2: The subject approaches the airlock and loudly demands that the doors be opened.
Stage 3: If the doors are not opened, and if personnel that the subject considers to be a "friend" does not intervene, SCP-XXXX will use brute force to smash through the airlock, and a breach will ensue.

Once a breach has been successfully made, SCP-XXXX, being a very social entity, will seek out largely populated areas in order to contact other living organisms. As can be implied, breaches by SCP-XXXX in the past have caused anything from small tornadoes to powerful hurricanes, included Hurricane [Redacted], Hurricane [Redacted], Hurricane [Redacted], and Hurricane [Redacted].

In the event of a containment breach by SCP-XXXX, a standard AC-130 gunship armed with no less than 4 (four) capsules of [Redacted] is to be prepped and dispatched for re-containment of SCP-XXXX. Once the entity has been successfully incapacitated, it is to be moved to a secondary airtight holding cell until its original holding cell can be rebuilt.


SCP-XXXX is (by order of Dr. Bright) under no circumstances to be contained in the same wing of any facility as other Keter Class entities, due to the high probability that a mass containment breach may result from its inherently destructive condition. (And when I find out what Level 1 moron built a containment cell for SCP-XXXX RIGHT ACROSS THE HALL FROM 682'S CELL, I WILL PERSONALLLY SLATHER HIM IN KETCHUP AND THROW HIM IN 999'S PEN!) After the double breach by 682 and XXXX (the "Crocnado" incident), Agent Lament recommended that SCP-XXXX be contained with objects classified Euclid or Safe, preferably Safe. In the event that SCP-xxxx breaches, Agent Lament is to be informed immediately.

Under no circumstances is SCP-XXXX to be contained within 500 miles of [Redacted]. SCP-1688 and SCP-XXXX clearly do not get along, and Agent Lament will have my ass if it happens again.


SCP-XXXX and SCP-1688 encounter one another during a containment breach by the former.


The Photograph Experiment

SCP-XXXX, under the supervision of Agent Black, was exposed to SCP-3650.

Agent Black: "Hey there, J[][][][][]r. How are you holding up?

SCP-XXXX(sullenly): "I am well, Mr. Black. And how are you on this fine day. At least, I assume it is day."

Agent Black: "Not too bad, thank you for asking. I got something for you."

SCP-XXXX perks up considerably at this.

SCP-XXXX: "For me? Oh, Black, you always know how to cheer me up. What is it?"

Agent Black produces a single SCP-3650 photograph from his suit.

Agent Black: Here, have a look. (Agent Black hands the photograph to SCP-XXXX, who takes it. SCP-XXXX looks at the picture for approximately ten seconds.

SCP-XXXX(tearing up): "It's beautiful. So bright, so wide open. So…free."

Agent Black: "Have a look at the other side.:"

SCP-XXXX turns the photograph over and begins the word from the other side aloud. When he has finished, he clutches the photograph to his chest.

SCP-XXXX: "I…I should quite like to visit this place."

Agent Black: "I'm sorry, J[][][][][]r. You know we can't let you out."

SCP-XXXX: "P-please…I promise I can control it…it won't be like the other times."

Agent Black reaches up, putting a hand on the subject's shoulder.

Agent Black: "J[][][][][]r, you have to understand-"

At this point, SCP-XXXX places his face in his hands and begins to sob.

SCP-XXXX: "It is the same thing every single day. I am banished from the outside world and damned to the incessant loneliness of this confounded cell. Never to see the sun, never to hear the birds chirping in the trees…SCP-XXXX removes his face from his hands. He is visibly angry. Never to feel the wind rushing my hair…"

Agent Black(stepping in front of SCP-XXXX: "J[][][][][]r, stop! You need to calm down."

SCP-XXXX stands up quickly.


SCP-XXXX slumps to the floor of the cell, unconscious. Agent Black removes the syringe, previously filled with 500 milligrams of [Redacted]. Agent Black retrieves the SCP-3650 photograph from SCP-XXXX's hand and exits through the airlock.