MrFlux SCP-SCP-3464 the largest college inside?
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Item #: SCP-3464

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3464 is to be surrounded by a chain link fence that is 2.1 meters high and must be patrolled by level 4 security.

if anyone it to comes out of SCP-2464 they are to be questioned of any victims inside and given class A amnesiac with the cover story of being kidnapped and any expired victims are to be declared death by murder.

if anyone is to enter SCP-3464 without permission from the head researcher of SCP-3464 they are to be IMMEDIATELY Detained.

if any civilian is to enter the vicinity of SCP-3464 they are to be questioned. if caught in possession of SCP-3464-2, they are to be given class A amnesiacs and provided an enrolment to a different college with SCP-3464-2 to be destroyed.

Description: SCP-3464 is large collage that is isolated from the city of Salisbury, England.
surveillance footage have shown students and employees entering the leaving the collage before October ██ 20██. attempts to view the colleges interior cameras of the day before and after this date have failed.

if a subject is to enter SCP-3464 they are greeted with the reception that has been neatly furnished but would always be empty of human life. all test have show that the reception area of the collage in unaffected by SCP-3464 anomalous property but when a subject enters one of the 3 doors in the area then they are transported SCP-3464-3 a dimension where rooms change after 24 hours have passed making it futile for escape to any know ways to an exit and believe that SCP-3464 is endless

if the subject is to destroy any of windows of SCP-3464 they will be met with more rooms, researchers believe that the windows in this dimension show an illusion of the outside of the collage.

SCP-3464-2 is a enrolment document that is given to a subject that has left higher education with a puling results. when in possession, a false memory is produced of having the tour of SCP-3464 and claims of a desired course that was approved for the subject. any attempts to remove the document would cause the subject to become hostile and is recommended to use tranquilliser darts on the subject and are given class-A amnesiac.

SCP-3464-4 is a featureless human that looks closely like Vitruvian Men but with misplace limbs. they are made of a hard clay like substance, there only 2 know way to killing this instance either by using a weapon that produces fire or using a explosive on it chest.
they roam the inside of SCP-3464-3 but not the reception area. attempts to communicate with them are met with extreme violence.