Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Keter


A burning human effigy believed to have been built and set on fire by a hostile SCP-XXXX group

Special Containment Procedures: Efforts to contain SCP-XXXX groups are currently ongoing throughout the Indochina peninsula, but due to the difficulty distinguishing between SCP-XXXX groups and groups of normal frogs it is estimated that there is a large number of dormant SCP-XXXX groups in the wild.

All SCP-XXXX groups captured are to be isolated into groups of at most 15 frogs to prevent escape attempts. These groups are to be placed in habitats similar to those of where they were captured, with security cameras placed in them for observation.

Any hostile attacks on humans are to be reported as accidents, and amnestic or false memories are to be implanted in witnesses to SCP-XXXX attacks after they have been interviewed to prevent public knowledge of SCP-XXXX. Attempts to capture hostile SCP-XXXX groups are to be heavily prioritized over the capture of more reactionary groups.

Description: SCP-XXXX are variably sized groups of animals of the order Anura. SCP-XXXX typically contains frogs that are native to the Indochina peninsula, but some instances of SCP-XXXX have been found in China and India. SCP-XXXX groups are currently only known to be distinguishable from normal frogs when they are actively engaging anomalous behavior, and SCP-XXXX groups have entered dormant periods during containment.

SCP-XXXX groups have universally acted aggressively to humans. This aggression has been manifested in several different ways, with larger SCP-XXXX groups attempting to directly attack humans by the entirety of their group collectively throwing or hitting the target with stones or pointed rocks. Smaller SCP-XXXX groups tend to build pitfall traps to trap humans.

SCP-XXXX groups that have been successfully been captured by the Foundation tend to resume their anomalous behaviors if left in a habitat without human interruption. Through this, studies on the language used by SCP-XXXX groups and the behaviors of individual frogs in them are ongoing.

It's currently believed SCP-XXXX groups only attack humans that approach an area that has been claimed by the group itself. Some SCP-XXXX groups, currently labeled reactionary groups, only attack humans when they enter an area that has been claimed by the group. Some larger SCP-XXXX groups, currently labeled hostile groups, will actively seek out humans and attack them.

Hostile SCP-XXXX groups have also constructed structures like human effigies or other large structures that the groups set on fire. Currently it is believed that these structures are used for a ritual purpose, or to lure humans towards them.

Addendum: F