MrLalnon's Sandbox
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Item number: SCP-x

Object class: safe

Special containment procedures: SCP-x is to be contained in an opaque container with a capacity of at least 100 ml and kept in a standard storage locker in site 3█.

Description: SCP-x is a 90ml 58.6ml sample of doctor ███████'s blood. Human subjects who visually observe SCP-x express a desire to make physical contact with it, often staring at it for long periods of time and "studying" it. This effect stops after if the subject stops observing SCP-x for more than 15 seconds. Subjects under SCP-x's effect will not voluntarily make contact with SCP-x, and when ordered to they express strong repulsion to SCP-x. Interviewed subjects report the source of the repulsion to be unknown.

Tests have confirmed that SCP-x's composition is non-anomalous. Physical contact with SCP-x has shown to have no effects on the subject.