Object class:Euclid
Special containment procedures: SCP-3258 is to be contained in a 5x5 m room with stainless steel walls 5m thick. Four (4) infrared cameras are to be installed at each side of the room's walls. SCP-3258 is to be guarded by at least two (2) MTF units. It is required to be visited by a class D at least once a day for two (2) hours. Speakers are to be installed at the top of the room,connected to a room right next to it,with at least two (2) scientist with level three (3) security clearance or higher.
SCP-3258 is to be regulary fed and talked to by the scientists,as it might ener enragment stages if it is ignored.SCP-3258 is to have,furniuture inside it's containment cell as well as a tv and is allowed to use imternet connected computrer 3 hours per week

Description: SCP-3258 resembels a humanoid male measuring at six (6) foot tall and 70.2 kilograms of weight. It has green eyes alongside dark brown hair. In apperance,nothing designates SCP-3258 apart from a normal humanoid except for its eyes with unusual colour patterns and a very pale skin across it's whole body.SCP-3258 shows above avreage intelligence and strenght and is normally extremly friendly however,it is also very easily angered. When it is angered it enters it's rage mode which can be increased or decreased based on the actions of nerby humans and other factors such as the envitoment. When SCP-3258 is a little annoyed, it will start to scream very loudly as its voice begins to deapen. This is called SCP-3258's level one enragment. At level two enragment it will start to destroy all non-living things around it,and throw them at nerby humans and animals. At level 3 enragment the scp's mass and height will start to inrease,alongside it's skin darkening,eyes becoming completly white and it's fingers growing into claw like structures.At this stage the scp will attack and kill any nerby living beings, while consuming them in the process.If in any event the SCP gets to stage 4 enragment,all on site staff are to be immidetly evacuted from the area and on site warheads are to be detonated.At stage 4 enragment, SCP-3258 will reflects any attacks back to the attacker as well as a mind control zone fifty (50) meters in diameter will form ,anyone inside of the zone will effectivly be reffered from now on as SCP-3124-2. SCP-3258-2 is completley controlled by SCP-3258 and will do anything it wants. All SCP-3258-2's which survive the calming down of SCP-3258 are to be transported and quarantined at SITE-(DATA REDACTED) and recive Class B amenstics alongside receving class E personell clearance until they have fully recovered.
Addendum-3258.1 Two recent attempts of Terminating SCP-3258 have showed very interesting results which might result in SCP-3258 becoming a object class Thaumiel followed by secondary class Keter. Order awaiting Aprovval. SCP-3258 termination which took place on DATA REDACTED showed that SCP-96 and SCP-173 have shown general friendliness towards SCP-3258. SCP-96 seems to have a big smile on it's face and SCP-173 Moves around SCP-3258 without it blinking .SCP-3258 has been shown talking to both SCP's. However,the sound and microphone system seemed to have an error,shortly followed by the deleting of the video in which SCP-3258 talks to SCP's 96 and 173.
Addendum 3258.2 SCP-3258 has been used to terminate SCP-682. When SCP-3258 entered 682's chamber 682 seemed terrified,it started to scream the words "Get this discusting demon out of this place,It will destroy the Planet" this resulted in SCP-3258 entering enraged mode stage 3 straight away.SCP-3258 could be seen jumping on 682's head ans opening it with it's claws while bitting off a chunk of the reptiles brain. This resulted in 682 devloping lots of small club like structures on it's head. They have started attacking SCP-3258 which resulted in it falling. Next and the last thing that was seen was SCP-3258 entering stage 4 enragment and realesing inmerasuble amounts of energy on 682,which resulted in it's termination and the destruction of Site DATA REDACTED.SCP-3258 was later found unconcious on the floor and transported to Site DATA REDACTED. It woke up eight weeks later with the words "I'm sorry friend,but you knew a bit too much" .Later it could be seen crying in the east corner of it's containment chamber.