Item #: SCP XXXX

Object Class: Safe Neutralized

Special Containment Procedures: SCP XXXX is operational in Tower B of ████████ in ████████, ████.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a ████████ brand elevator manufactured in 19██ and fitted with mirrored panels at a later date. When installed in an elevator shaft the object will enter an Active Phase while travelling between floors. Tests have shown that the chance of the elevator entering Active Phase are independent on the number of passengers, and the Active Phase is most likely to occur while travelling between the thirteenth and fourteenth floors.

While in an active phase, SCP-XXXX continues functioning as a normal elevator of its type, save that elevator controls both inside and outside of the object stop responding to operator input. This includes both the normal controls for a ████████ brand elevator and any additional controls installed. In tests, both electronic and mechanical controls have failed. External links almost always fail during an Active Phase, though recording devices function normally.

After the Active Phase is the Reset Phase, during which time there is a 0.8 second period of darkness, after which the reflection's anomalous properties are no longer observed.

A partial log of tests, along with the number of passengers and the height at which the active phase began, is below.

Log Summary: █/█/14:
Passengers: D-314
Event Height: 46m
The reflection shows the elevator dropping and a failure of all emergency brakes. D-class witnesses his reflected self crushed by the impact of the elevator against the floor of the shaft. Nothing is observable during the Reset Phase.

The elevator continues without further incident.

This marks the first video recording of the phenomenon.

Log Summary: █/█/14:
Passengers: D-123, D-456, D-789
Event Height: 42m
D-class personnel observing, all equipped with handheld, battery-powered floodlights. The D-class were instructed to turn their lights on as soon as the Active Phase was observed, which occurred when the elevator stalled at the fourteenth floor.

In the rear mirror of the vehicle the floor was observed to fall from underneath, attached only to the door-side of the vehicle at approximately a 30 degree angle. D-123 dropped their floodlight and grabbed the handrail on the left side of the vehicle. D-456 fell immediately. D-789 could not make the handrail and tried to maintain their grip on the carpeted floor to keep from falling, but was unable to due to the steepness of the angle. Finally, the handrail gave under the sustained load of the first D-class.

The D-class on this side of the mirror confirmed they could see the bottom of the shaft using their floodlights, and were otherwise physically unaffected, though D-789 reported great emotional distress from the incident.

The floodlights did nothing to illuminate the darkness during the Reset Phase of the phenomenon.

Footage revealed that the light was not reflected by the mirror, but passed through it. This is also confirmed by the D-class on this side using his floodlight to illuminate the shaft in the reflection. Hypothesis updated that the mirror isn’t a mirror, but a window for the duration of the phenomenon.

Log Summary: █/█/15:
Passengers: Researcher Lamarck
Event Height: 44m

Researcher Lamarck requested permission to personally test the phenomenon. His equipment included a mounted headlight and camera, and a harness that would keep him as stable as possible in the case of failure.

If Researcher Lamarck were to fall, he would write a code that only he knew onto the mirror. If he felt or suspected any memetic effects, he would write a different code.

The intentions of this test were
1: To test if the reflection would write that code on its side, or if the phenomenon was simply a ‘show reel’ effect — showing generic death sequences, as opposed to replicating its actors.
2: To test if it was a ‘dumb’ mind reader — if it observed what it would do in the case of his mind being read, it would replicate that code. A self-aware mind-reader would not fall for the trap, however.

Researcher Lamarck’s reflection wrote the non-memetic code during the approximately three seconds before impact, confirmed in Lamarck’s recording.

Researcher Lamarck declined further testing.

Log Summary: █/█/15
Passengers: D-845, D-891
Event Height: 44m

D-class personnel were equipped with recording equipment designed to translate the vibrations of glass into usable audio.

However, during the Active Phase, a fire was observed to start in the vehicle, cause unknown. Before the camera melted, the D-845 and D-891 were recorded trying to force open the doors unsuccessfully. They were also unable to open the emergency escape in the top of the vehicle.

The footage shows the D-class in the reflection recording the results of this test. It is unknown what their results were.

The elevator was refurbished after the fire, as no major structural damage was incurred, and has not reported any anomalous phenomenon since.