Ms Luna

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Safe

SCP-XXXX has an appearance of a sphere with a diameter of roughly 1cm. Scans show
this sphere is composed of an unknown non-reflective metal.

When exposed to temperatures over 30°C, no matter the temperature (above 30°C) the
entity will increase in speed by 50m/s²1.It is stationary when not above 30°C. It's
movement when above 30°C is erratic and it becomes elastic. Tests have not been
able to be conducted of the structure of the sphere due to it's speed, and
technology hasn't progressed far enough to be able to conduct these tests in the
first second SCP-XXXX is heated above 30°C, when it's stationary. When cooled
SCP-XXXX shows no signs of freezing.

SCP-XXXX was first detected by the satellite EOS CH-1 (Aura) on ██/██/17 as a very large energy source in the upper mesosphere. Using the data provided by NASA, Field Agent [REDACTED] tracked the source to a ██m area at the south pole. A team of 3 agents were dispatched to this area in order to scout it. They reported nothing in sight at 50m away. As they got closer they scanned the area, and came across SCP-XXXX. After running some tests SCP-XXXX's anomalous property was activated resulting in Agent ██'s right hand and arm severely fractured2. SCP-XXXX was immediately cooled below 30°C resulting in a loss of momentum. Agent ██ was sent to the nearest site hospital and treated. A team of █ containment specialists was dispatched to secure SCP-XXXX. As reported by Agent ██ & Agent ██. The sphere activated when it was heated so the team wore gloves so as not to heat it with body temperature. The entity was secured in a small freezer, the same one it being held in now, and transported to a small Outpost Facility nearby. It was logged and sent to an empty room in Unit █. It now resides there in Site 19 [REDACTED], Canada.

Special Containment Procedures:
SCP-XXXX is contained within a 1+1e-6cm³3 container during testing. It's walls are 10m thick to prevent SCP-XXXX from breaking it's container. It is made of an
ultra-dense carbon material. Any testing must be reviewed and approved by the/a
Level 3 Containment Specialist overseeing SCP-XXXX. This person may change
however right now this person is Dr. Fenne.

When SCP-XXXX is not being tested, it is contained within a 10cm³ freezer which is
kept at a constant -80°C. If power is lost to the freezer for whatever reason, a
backup battery is in place that will last up to a month powering just the freezer.
If this backup battery is used it will be automatically recharged when power is
restored to the freezer from another source. The battery should be checked a day
after this occurs to make sure it has recharged. If it has not rechaged it will
have to be connected to a power source manually.