Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Any pregnant personnel must report immediately to Site-77 Administration to be transferred to another Facility.

Milk is not allowed at Site-77.

SCP-XXXX must be contained at Site-77, in a standard humanoid containment cell equipped with an empty closet of no less than 2.5m high, 2.5m width and 0.7m lenght. In this room is also to be contained one D-class individual. This individual must not be of depressive or suicidal behavior. In the case of his death, another D-class must be contained in his place as fast as possible.

Any personnel with routine assignment within 2km of SCP-XXXX containment cell is to be transferred to other assignments outside this range after a period of a month. Psychological care is to be offered to any non-D-class personnel assigned to this area for at least a week, or if reassignment is impossible. It is advisable to not contain any other sentient anomalies in SCP-XXXX's vicinities.

Two security personnel must be on patrol around SCP-XXXX containment cell. All Site-77 security personnel must be handed thermal-vision equipment.

In the case of SCP-XXXX security breach, two actions are to be immediately taken in order to recontain SCP-XXXX within Site-77:

I - All personnel quarters, no matter clearence level of the occupant, are to be heavily searched through until SCP-XXXX is again contained;

II - One recipient is to be filled with milk and left with no apparent supervision in a non-occupied room. Mental concealed security is to be out of sight and all-time ready to contain SCP-XXXX during its feeding.

Description: SCP-XXXX's appearence is unidentified beyond as being transparent and at least vaguely humanoid. Some reports may include tentacled appendages in their descriptions, but the nature of these reports may not be accurate (See Interview-XXXX-A). SCP-XXXX can be detected by thermal-vision, but emanates a diffuse and fluid heat signature, proving impossible to acquire more physical details from this method.

SCP-XXXX has an urge to feed from milk and human sanity. It is known to feed from water as well, but it does not seem to be a priority to it. The process of its feeding is drinking, for milk; a constant and supposed uncontrolled mental leeching with range radius of 1.3km; and a controlled mental leeching on contact. The range leeching seems to be made passively and to be only moderate in effect; however, the direct leeching is proven to be made on purpose and can vary in magnitude from moderate to hazardous. It prefers to actively leech victims on their sleep, but this is not a requirement. Awake victims report being able to see SCP-XXXX becoming of a pearly color while direct leech is performed. This effect is not observable by other people or cameras.

Victims of SCP-XXXX can feel various symptons, the most common being low self-steem, fixed ideas, lack of empathy, troubled sleep, nightmares, melancholy, anguish, depression, paranoia and suicidal behavior. Long exposure will inevitably lead to suicide attempts. Those symptons do not seem to be anomolous, but only a natural reaction of the victim's mind, and therefore cannot be traced to SCP-XXXX. These symptons are to be treated via psicotheraphy and, if inquired about its causes, unaware victims will give mundane explanations as of an usual patient.

SCP-XXXX seems incapable of speech and producing any sound or smell. Even though no attempt of communication from it has been identified, it is theorized to be intelligent and to understand spoken and body language. SCP-XXXX is able of using tools, as well entering and exiting any place, hardly being noticed, including its containment cell. If SCP-XXXX is satiated it will not exit its containment, unless it detects milk. The range of this detection is not known.

Reports of mass hysteria and a increase of 88% of suicides in a entire neighborhood in ██████ got the attention of the Foundation. Task Force ██ was sent to the epicenter of the supposed affected area, which was at a regular house. Inside, Task Force ██ halted two attempts of suicide, and found SCP-XXXX inside a closet in one of the bedrooms. The owner of the bedroom, a woman of ██ years, is confirmed to be the direct victim of SCP-XXXX at that moment. Prior to that no other report on SCP-XXXX had been done. Due to the difficulty in unravel it and its effects, it is impossible to know its previous whereabouts, how many time it had been on the loose, and if there are other of SCP-XXXX species yet in hiding. The Foundation's Department of Literature theorize that SCP-XXXX was previously depicted in a horror story dated from 18871, but further study is required to confirm it.