Scp 3447

Scp 3447 is a time traveling house that kills whoever enters the building by putting the victim through every single disaster Who every single letter that the plan has experienced a cootie recording said since were on universal soon as earth then who’s not 1111 anything Friday in the future like the first time but I mean everything nothing you doesn’t know is that we said somebody and it was just lost 1 billion they were on doing the premises so you know the way to get rid of them we don’t wanna kill them all away because in a row here to gunshots with something inside but we never saw them again let me say that she typically have a kill kill somebody in the lead the door open for you now today it was what luck luck it would just let you wander around for a little bit if you don’t get out quick enough then you’re stuck there for the restaurant do you stuck there for this you like it won’t kill you but then at that open your door open door and you’ll be so become part of the house until until you die either of old age or or being shot by somebody to come in the human and put you out of your misery will think I’ll do is provide you food water and shelter let’s not push sleeping that’s it that’s if you get stuck in there by accident but oh no if he if you want in there but poop is Ted will put you forever single disaster from the old way back to the beginning of the year I’m in the big bang it all as a world of a pain with death is my hope my brain overload by the ledge medical the load everything everything to go in this week to go insane but did you bring well there is the one at one or two exceptions Simpsons if we’re still figure out if it does have a personality because it was it was it somebody in the good cleanup cleanup no the body the body the current of the victims are now it’s just disappear out the new inner 130 at 50 out of 50 times it’s just as we were trying to discover right now we’re researching it but for now this thing is dangerous do not sin but this is a this is awful it is over classified nobody else knows about this to go to the superiors and try to get all five of a class in class classification in order to do a test with the recipe if you do not eat this will be considered treason you be you be immediately terminated due to execute on spot no exceptions And if you see Dr. bright bright ask if you can do that do that till just know nobody touches it if if you have it with you has to do this for message till now and actually every time I return at the brass put down a tally mark so we can know that that huge ass accident so if you get a tube out because of the 100 tallies of overly just one year where we we Maesel snowman there this is punishment you can deal with it oh yeah and sorry if this is really bad I’m using the voice I don’t have time to go through it I’m sorry but you can’t just send me a message asking if you can change the stuff up I’m out I’m OK if you do you can you can come


. Containment class (begin testing) class d 0234 enter the building