mundy world

“Carneval Obsession”
Item #: SCP-3414

Object Class: keter

Special Containment Procedures: Both Spore and developed mycorrhizal network samples of SCP-3414 are contained in a series of individual cultivation discs inside a secure refrigeration unit tempered for the survival of SCP-3414. The unit is located in a sterile containment room at Biological Research wing [] and accessible only through extensive preparation. Personnel entering the containment area must wear standard level 5 biohazard equipment and must be extensively disinfected before entering and after exiting. Any personnel currently infected with any fungal, bacterial or viral infection are not permitted to handle SCP-3414. Nutrients are to be administered twice monthly. Any dead or otherwise corrupted samples are to be fully and extensively obliterated.

Any remains of instances of SCP-3414-1 are to be incinerated as soon as possible to prevent contagion

Description: SCP-3414 is a hazardous, highly contagious fungal organism that induces a complete psychological change in any sapient living being that comes into contact with it. (afterwards regarded as SCP-3414-1) SCP-3414-1 usually becomes infected with SCP-3414 after direct tactile contact with spoiled meat. The end goal for SCP-3414 is to find a “clean” host on which to live and reproduce. Once contact is made, the host is infected and will complete a six stage psychological transformation into the ideal living space. The end body will be just as, if not more rotten than the original meat on which SCP-3414 originally formed. The transformation is purely placebo for SCP-3414 to “trick itself” into thinking the host is ideal. The stages are as follows:
Aversion phase : (lasts anywhere between 2 months and 1 year) SCP-3414-1 begins to question and reject their current interests, goals, hobbies and occupations. The phase grows from occupations to daily functions like eating certain foods, wearing certain clothes and associating with certain people. Eventually, SCP-3414-1 becomes misanthropic and untrusting of almost everything around them. In this stage, SCP-3414-1 has a tendency for violent panic attacks, aggressive behavior, emotional distress and suicidal or homicidal thoughts and actions.
Disinterest phase: (usually lasts between 1-5 months) SCP-3414-1 enters what resembles an extensive depressive episode. SCP-3414-1 becomes completely emotionally unresponsive anything and everyone around them. Concepts from the Aversion phase become particularly ignored or in some cases, expressively hated. SCP-3414-1 will often lay in bed all day, refusing or claiming to be physically unable to rise. It is then in this relatively safe and protected state that SCP-3414 begins to develop its adult mycelia and mycorrhizal network. The outer body is covered entirely by a strong, almost undetectable web of transparent roots. SCP-3414-1 will sometimes complain about a filmy feeling over the eyes and skin.
Interest phase: (usually lasts between 3-8 months) SCP-3414-1’s original personality is almost completely gone, replaced with a newfound interest in raw meat. Raw meat becomes the focal point in the SCP-3414-1’s life. Any conversation will cycle back to meat. SCP-3414-1 will begin to spend extensive periods of time in butcher shops, supermarket meat departments, processing facilities, or other areas in which raw meat is commonly present. SCP-3414-1 has no desire to consume raw meat. In most cases, SCP-3414-1 turns completely vegetarian, claiming that cooked meat is impure or dirty. Instead, SCP-3414-1 simply desires to surround themselves with raw meat and its supposed cleanliness. SCP-3414-1 will often express an auditory pleasured (Often seen as sexual, though studies show no direct correlation.) response when tearing meat apart, digging their fingers into ground or other more processed forms of meat, or otherwise direct tactile involvement.
Obsession phase: (usually lasts between 1-3 months) SCP-3414-1 becomes narcissistic and totally obsessed with raw meat. SCP-3414-1 will only talk about meat, how clean it is, how clean SCP-3414-1 is, and nothing else. In this stage, SCP-3414-1 often develops a godly superiority complex. This is essentially the moment when SCP-3414 tricks itself into believing that SCP-3414-1 is the ideal living grounds. SCP-3414-1 will buy, steal and hoard excessive amounts of raw meat. No one but SCP-3414-1 is allowed near their possessed meat hoard, let alone touch it or even breath on it. It is in this stage that SCP-3414-1 is most likely to expire. After such a prolonged exposure to raw meat, SCP-3414-1 often expectantly falls ill with Salmonella or other common diseases that are carried by uncooked flesh. In rare cases, the horrid idea of becoming ‘impure’ with disease can drive SCP-3414-1 to suicide.
Desperation phase: (usually lasts <1 month) SCP-3414-1’s obsession grows beyond language capabilities and rational thinking. Prepared raw meat now insufficiently satisfies the needs of SCP-3414-1, and they desire fresher meat. This leads SCP-3414-1 to experience manic withdrawal episodes followed by an overwhelming urge to find and mutilate animals. This murderous urge is not driven by morality or anger, but rather by SCP-3413-1 coming to the conclusion that the flesh of still-living beings is the freshest possible. SCP-3414-1 will often first go after common meat animals like cows, pigs, chickens and rabbits. SCP-3414-1 will then immediately kill and skin the animal in order to reach the flesh inside. The urge is settled for a very short time, as SCP-3414-1 often claims bacteria in the air immediately spoils the pure meat. SCP-3414-1 will gradually lose preference between animals, killing and skinning whatever SCP-3414-1 can find, eventually including Humans. In some cases, SCP-3414-1’s does not differentiate between humans and animals. This shred (or lack of) morals suggests that SCP-3414’s original personality is still buried deep in somewhere.
Mutilation phase: (shortest recorded phase 10 minutes, 8 seconds; longest recorded phase 3 hours, 35 minutes and 2 seconds.) SCP-3414-1 deems all other meat impure and turns on itself. SCP-3414-1 considers itself to be the pinnacle of purity and becomes completely overwhelmed with obsessive urges of self mutilation. SCP-3414-1 will refuse to use any foreign tools to skin themselves. After the skin is removed via. Teeth or nails, SCP-3414-1 will gradually rip off their own flesh in layers in order to find fresher meat. This inevitably ends in SCP-3414-1 bleeding out and dying. Upon SCP-3414-1’s expiration, SCP-3414 will produce a final spray of spores into the air. The mutilation temporarily damages SCP-3414’s mycelial network as a necessary sacrifice. From here, SCP-3414 thrives until contact with SCP-3414-1’s body is made and the cycle continues.

History: Studies show that the first cases of SCP-3414 date back to the early 19th century, causing a deadly epidemic and mass hysteria in a circle of small Irish towns in county [REDACTED]. All living inhabitants, human and animal, of these downs were discovered to be dead and in some way mutilated. Depending on the level of partial or total mutilation, researchers concluded that all dead were either once infected or victims of a hosts desperation phase. The area is now abandoned and regularly inspected for signs of scp-3414.