Item #: SCP-3824

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3824 must be contained within a steel cell measuring 3x3x2 meters with no windows. No personnel are to view SCP-3824 besides Class-D personnel testing said item. All instances of SCP-3824-A must be terminated after testing as of 6/7/██ No interviews may take place at all costs with any instances of SCP-3824-A. Due to the anomalous effects of SCP-3824 initial containment proved difficult. Said item has breached containment a total of three (3) times resulting in the deaths of eight (8) Foundation personnel. A minimum of two (2) security personnel are to guard the main entrance of the containment zone at all times and no personnel without permission from clearance level 4 personnel are to enter. Any personnel who has not checked in with security and has entered the containment zone is to be terminated on spot and evaluated.

Description: SCP-3824 is a quadrupedal canid roughly the size of an average small dog. SCP-3824 displays behavioral patterns typical of the chihuahua dog breed. Subjects who have viewed SCP-3824 are promptly designated SCP-3824-A. Instances of SCP-3824-A will desire to free item 3824 and will attempt to free SCP-3824 at any and all costs. If SCP-3824 is freed by an instance of SCP-3824-A said instance will attempt to maintain the freedom of SCP-3824 until expiring from starvation or dehydration. It should be noted that speaking directly with SCP-3824-A instances may create larger concerns regarding item 3824 and talk with SCP-3824-A instances may only be conducted and recorded using Class-D personnel while no audio recordings may be taken as of 6/7/██.

Addendum 3824-01
Today I went to see the object. I knew I had to and I would see it eventually. I had no choice. I had not made physical contact with the entity nor did I enter its containment chamber. But I saw it. At first I was frightened. I don’t know what it was but everything had made sense in that instance. I felt bad. I felt scared and bad, but I like to think that it had never happened. I have to think that it had never happened. I’d like to think that everything’s fine.