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Item #: SCP-__

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-__ is to be kept in a humanoid containment cell in Site-81, which is to be additionally outfitted with standard biohazardous quarantine measures. The cell is to be cleaned once per week by a member of the janitorial staff, who is required to wear level 2 Hazardous Material Suits during cleaning. Otherwise, the door is not to be opened for any reason until it can be determined whether or not there is any risk of a contagion.

Description: SCP-__ is the former Agent N█████ B████. It spends the majority of each day asleep, and appears not to require or desire food or water. Despite this, on 04/28/20██, cleaning staff noted that it appeared to have been gaining weight.

SCP-___ began manifesting its anomalous effects shortly after the conclusion of a routine search-and-capture mission in ██████████ State Forest. The mission was undertaken by the three-man team of Agent B████, Agent ██████ ████, and Agent ███ ██ on 04/22/20██, following reports of unusual wildlife activity. The target turned out to be a non-anomalous coyote. It was successfully captured with no serious injury to personnel, and subsequently released after undergoing examination.

Within five hours of their return to Site-81, other agents working closely with SCP-___ began to report a dramatic and unexpected personality shift. Reported personality abnormalities include but are not limited to:

  • uncharacteristic reticence
  • apparent failure to recognize team members
  • extreme lethargy and atypical incompetence
  • a complete lack of personal hygiene

In addition to these, 3 (three) members of the staff have alleged that SCP-___ has spoken to them telepathically. Each was detained and subsequently released after psychiatric evaluation. Agent B████ also received a psychiatric evaluation, after which the specialist recommended [REDACTED].

Addendum: The report for the routine post-mission medical examination noted that Agent B████ had sustained only superficial injuries. These were a small abrasion on one cheek, possibly from a stray tree branch, and a large but easily removed splinter between the thumb and index finger of the right hand. Minor injuries such as these are considered expected.