Item #: SCP-3186

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Because SCP-3186 cannot move, it is to be contained in a 10mx10m room, the only other requirement is that the cell is 100% soundproof.
Personnel that enter SCP-3186’s cell need to wear sound isolating headphones.
SCP-3186’s cell is to be entered in pairs of 2 to avoid getting locked in the room if SCP-3186’s effects have breached the headphones.

Description: SCP-3186 is a series of differently shaped objects with the same outer shell.
The different SCP are referred to like this:

  • SCP-3186-A: Cube
  • SCP-3186-B: Pyramid
  • SCP-3186-C: Sphere

Every one of SCP-3186 have a hard, unbreakable outer shell made out of crystal and have a seemingly infinite energy source inside off it, it is a mystery what the origin of this source is, whenever any living organism - excluding sentient non-organic SCPs - comes within 7.89 meters of SCP-3186, the energy source emits acoustic waves that resonate with the crystal, this signal has effects on the organism’s brain and causes the organism to lose all feeling in their body and to fall to the the ground.
Whenever the organism is dragged out of the 7.89m radius, it takes about 30 minutes for them to regain feeling.
We do not know wether the energy source is conscious or wether it is simply detecting some signal that’s emitted by all organisms.

Research Purpose: We want to see if we could somehow extract the energy source contained within SCP-3186 for further research, if the energy is able to be used as power, we should be able to power multiple facilities.
So far we have had no succes, SCP-3186’s outer shell is unbreakable even when we use our best equipment.

Exploratory Records: On 11/02/20██ a team of miners found SCP-3186 in the mines of ███████ while digging at 50km depth, when one of the miners touched SCP-3186, it activated.
The foundation was contacted when miner Carl H. ██████ reported that he found a few of his friends lying on the floor with SCP-3186 in one of their hands.
SCP Personnel tried to contain SCP-3186 but they kept failing, SCP-3186’s effects were discovered 5 days after it’s activation, when it did get contained, 2 miners were found dead from dehydration.


Date Test Result
20/02/20██ Breaking crystal of SCP-3186-A using basic tools Fail
20/02/20██ Breaking crystal of SCP-3186-B using basic tools Fail
20/02/20██ Breaking crystal of SCP-3186-A using advanced tools Fail
21/02/20██ Breaking crystal of SCP-3186-C using basic tools Fail
21/02/20██ Breaking crystal of SCP-3186-B using advanced tools Fail
22/02/20██ Breaking crystal of SCP-3186-C using advanced tools Fail