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Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX lays dormant in the site built around it designated Site-521. As long as the cycle is carried out, SCP-XXXX will remain dormant and is entirely safe to approach or leave alone. Keter object class was assigned to SCP-XXXX considering the lengths personnel are to go through to safely contain it. Containment consists of seven events, each enacted one day after the previous with the cycle restarting every month on the night of the full moon with the first event. These events are reffered to as "seals."

Four (4) musicians from the public who have been hired by the foundation and have been assigned to SCP-XXXX21 These musicians train five hours every day to be able to professionaly play every instrument necessary to enact the seals. Musicians are allowed to replace one another in case one is unavailable for duty. During the cycle, musicians travel between sites to enact their assigned seals.

Each seal will be described in their own document, as knowledge of each seal is not required to enact one. Personnel assigned to enact the seals are to refer to the document labeled with their respective site. Seals are to be enacted perfectly, as deviation may have as of yet unknown effects.

The list of SCP-XXXX instances and their containment procedures are as follows:

  • Seal Two: Ypervoréa Located at Site-64, Seal Two is to be contained in the AO containment locker (XXXX-B) standing atop the qanun located in the outdoor garden area of the Site-65 recreational area for personnel. Seal Two is to be performed on the second day of the cycle and is to be performed on the piano. During the performance, two (2) D-Class personnel are to have a wrestling match, while no less than fifteen (15) personnel members of any class dance and sing along with the performance. This audience is also to repeat the phrase "I can hear the music," every two (2) minutes. Before the procedure, temperatures in the site are to be dropped below ten (10) degrees Celcius and returned to normal afterwards. After the procedure, Seal Two is to be placed back in the locker and the personnel are to return to their work. The winner of the wrestling match is to be given a wreath of leaves and is to say the phrase "I can understand the music."
  • Seal Three: Pýthon Located at Site-154 inside of AO containment locker XXXX-C. Seal Three is to be performed on a lyre the third day of the cycle. The instrument can be found beside the item in the locker. During the performance, an altar is to be built by two (2) capable D-Class personnel using the materials provided, one of the D-Class is to carve the phrase "I can hear the music" into the top side of the altar. On top of the altar are to be placed a bow, an arrow, the horns of a goat and the hooves of a cow. The moment the performance ends, a snake is to be beheaded above the altar and one of the D-Class personnel is to be shot with the bow and arrow. Their corpse is to be left in the desert surrounding the site and the remaining D-Class is to say the phrase, "I can understand the music".
  • Seal Four: Niómpe Located at Site-14 inside AO containment locker XXXX-D. Seal Four is to be performed on a harp on the fourth day of the cycle. During the procedure, a D-Class is to sit on a throne placed in front of a platform. Fourteen (14) lambs are to be gathered on the platform separated by gender, seven (7) male and seven (7) female. The male lambs are to be terminated by a male security personnel member, the opposite for the female lambs. During the terminations, both security personnel are to utter the phrase, "I can hear the music." Afterwards, both security personnel members must say the phrase, "I can understand the music."
  • Seal Five: Troía Located at Site-05 inside AO containment locker XXXX-E. Seal Five is to be performed on the organ placed in front of the site's gates on the fifth day of the cycle. During the procedure, a wooden carving of a horse is to be placed in front of the gate by four (4) D-Class personnel, one wearing a hoplite helmet. The carving is to be lit on fire, the D-Class personnel are to then enter the facility while saying the phrase, "I can hear the music." After which the D-Class wearing the helmet is to be shot in their foot and terminated. The others are to return to their cells after the end of the performance. The personnel member who fired at the D-Class is to say the phrase, "I can understand the music."
  • Seal Six: Iraklís Located at Site-99 inside AO containment locker XXXX-F. Seal Six is to be performed on the oud placed within the locker on the sixth day of the cycle. During the performance, a D-Class personnel member is to chase after an antlered doe, with its antlers painted gold. The doe is to be captured alive, though when the creature shows signs of aggression towards the D-Class, security personnel are allowed to shoot it in the legs to slow it down. Before the procedure commences, the D-Class is to utter the phrase, "I can hear the music." After the animal is captured, the D-Class is to hold it in its arms and is to speak the phrase, "I can understand the music"
  • Seal Seven: Apóllon Located at Site-53 inside AO containment locker XXXX-G. Seal Seven is to be performed on the lute placed within the locker. [DATA EXPUNGED] Neutralised. Every seventh day of the cycle, no fewer than thirty (30) personnel in Site-53 are to speak the phrase, "I no longer hear the music, it can no longer be understood," simultaneously.

One of the seals has been broken. Ever since the loss of the seventh seal, the being hums a deep tone in its sleep. Breaking the other chains may lead to the awakening. For better or worse. The seals must not be broken, or so may our masquerade.

- O5-3

Description: SCP-XXXX is currently located at the current location of Site-521. SCP-XXXX is a spheroid object of approximately 5km in diameter resembling our moon22. The entity appeared on 21/03/19██ in central Greece in the town of Fengári with 4km located below ground level. The ground where it is now located was displaced somewhere unknown in an instant, leaving a perfect half-spherical hole in the ground where SCP-XXXX now hovers. Site-521 was built on top of the remaining above-ground 1km of the entity and thus is measured to be 5.5km2 at its base and 1.5km in height.

The seven seals are music sheets, each containing music resembling songs played in Ancient Greece to appease the Gods. These sheets are referred to as the seals and serve as a sort of anaesthetic for SCP-XXXX, keeping the entity dormant.

It is unknown what anomalous abilities SCP-XXXX has, though this information has been deemed irrelevant by the O5 council, with the containment of the anomaly being the top priority. Speculations based off its size, energy readings given off by the object and its similarities with SCP-2845 suggest that the abilities the anomaly might have are potentially devastating, with the potential of an XK-class end of the world scenario if awakened.

SCP-XXXX, despite its size and the fact that it partly floats, does not have a strong gravitational pull, people placed near the object are only affected by the regular gravity of the earth. It is unknown if this is an anomalous property of the entity or if its mass is too low to have a strong enough gravitational pull to affect its surroundings.

Addendum XXXX-01: Creation of the seven seals

Containment specialists aided a hired musician belonging to the GoI named "Are We Cool Yet?", a group of anomalous artists. The musician's name was B█████████ M█████ and he assisted in creating the objects now designated Seal One through Seal Seven in what would be called operation MORPHEUS. The sheets were finished within a week, allowing for containment to be enacted swiftly with minimum attention drawn to the entity. The musician was then given a high dose of Class-A amnestics and released.

Addendum XXXX-02: Loss of the seventh seal

On 25/09/19██, D-Class personnel were lined up to perform the seventh and final seal of that month's cycle. While reaching the end of the performance, the [REDACTED] wouldn't comply and attacked security personnel, managing to beat the odds and overwhelm them. When the [REDACTED] was eventually [DATA EXPUNGED], the music had already ended, and the seventh seal burned up in front of the staff's eyes without being ignited. Seismic activity similar to that of an episodic tremor could be felt in a 1000km radius originating from within Site-521. With this, materials surrounding the entity with less than 50m distance from its surface were displaced to an unknown location. No personnel or infrastructure was affected, due to the lack of on-site personnel and the size of the site. The rumbling was light enough for the foundation to create a cover story to show the public, averting attention from the occurrence. It is suspected that with every broken seal, the seismic activity will increase significantly.


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