SCP —— A Laptop, A Video, and April 16th 2019
Object class: Keter

You are attempting to open a very dangerous document. Any who have knowledge of this SCP must be immediately administered class A amnesiacs regardless of rank.

Containment Procedures:
SCP —— -1 must be kept secure at all times in a locked briefcase in a concrete containment cell which MUST be guarded at all times. Any attempts to enter containment cell will be met with hostility

SCP—— - 1 is an average dell laptop which has yet to show any anomalous effects

SCP —— -2 is a video which was found by foundation on the personal computer of Dr.—— Who had killed himself a week prior.
SCP —— consists of footage which plays out as unobtainable footage such as the assassination of Abraham Lincoln followed by footage of the viewers death. As of —— 97 percent of viewers so far have seen a calendar with the date April 16th 2019 followed by the destruction of earth via —— seeming to crash into the planet. Except for the case of D-4523, upon rewatching viewers show discomfort in what they see as it begins to show video clips more closely related to them.

Test log: —- - 1
Viewer: D class- 4523
Dr. —-: Could you please open the file on the computer?
D-4523 : I don’t see why not
D-4523 opens the file and is shown the birth of his own grandfather followed by his own death via a heart attack.
D-4523 : Holy shit.
Dr. —-: Could you please close the file and open it once more?
D-4523 opens closes the file and opens it once again. He is shown a still image with the words “Only one per customer”. This is the only recorded case of this happening. D-4523 died as of —-/—-/20–-.
Test log: —- -2
Viewer: Dr —-
Dr —- was not given proper permission to access SCP ——
Dr —— saw the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln from an up close angle followed by the destruction of earth via impact of ——.
Dr —— was apprehended and promptly given class A amnesiacs. Demotion is highly likely.

Addendum: We cannot afford to let anyone gain knowledge of this. Death is certain when concerning SCP ——. There may be nothing we can do to stop doomsday. Plans to use SCP 2935 as a doomsday shelter have been set into motion.
Life should be sustainable if doomsday were to occur. We can only pray that our counterparts on other earths won’t fall prey to the same fate as us.