MysteryManV1, the camera killer

Item #: Scp-xxxx

Object class: safe

Special containment procedures: SCP-xxxx is kept within an unlocked containment locker within site xxxx, all classes can visit the site and use the camera, however must notify that they’re visiting SCP-xxxx unless it is currently being tested on.

Description: SCP-xxxx is a camera that’s painted with red paint. When a living creature is in a photo taken by SCP-xxxx, the photographer, (who will now be referred to as SCP-xxxx-1) will appear to have killed the living creature within the picture, methods included in the image include, strangulation, stabbing, hanging, gunshots, and psychically beating the creature to death.

SCP-xxxx-1 appear to be a normal person, however with blood red eyes, they are now considered euclid. SCP-xxxx-1 also always smiles no matter the situation or their mental state, they are kept inside of a locked containment cell. Attempts to take pictures of SCP-xxxx-1 using SCP-xxxx have resulted in the photographer taking the photo getting killed by SCP-xxxx-1 in the image, instead of SCP-xxxx-1 killing themself.

Interviewer: (black)

Interviewed: SCP-xxxx-1

foreword: SCP-xxxx-1 directly asked to be interviewed when a D-class was sent into SCP-xxxx-1s cell as a test, SCP-xxxx-1 has shown no real signs of violence before this and was rather peaceful, so it was accepted with caution, and one guard was placed in the room with (black)

<Begin Log>

(Black): hello, xxxx-1

SCP-xxxx-1: hey

(Black) so, why does SCP-xxxx take photos of you killing people?

SCP-xxxx-1: I’m unsure, it seems rather bizzare though

(Black): well, do you know how you got the red eyes?

SCP-xxxx-1: I think that I was born with them

(Black): and do you remember having parents?

SCP-xxxx-1: no, I’m assuming that they left me before I was old enough to remember

(Black): you seem a bit calm about something that big

SCP-xxxx-1: well, can you blame them, Have you even seen my eyes?

(Black): okay… well the interviews over

SCP-xxxx-1: wait! Theres one thing left I need to tell you

(Black): what is it?

SCP-xxxx-1: come over here real quick, I don’t want anyone else hearing it

<End Log>

(Black) walked over to SCP-xxxx-1, SCP-xxxx-1 then started choking (black) the guard started shooting and ended up killing (black) while getting a bullet into SCP-xxxx-1’s leg, allowing the guard to bring SCP-xxxx-1 back to their cell. But SCP-xxxx-1 doesn’t appear to have the bullet wounds in the images taken.